Future Runs Through John Cena, Fandango A Success, HHH's Work As An Executive, Why I'm OK With WWE's Blood Ban

I love the idea of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania XXX. Cena is nearing the twilight of his career, where he needs to take it a lot easier on his body. John Cena is at a place where he can help to elevate newer talent and he’s been doing that with certain people on the mic. Is that what WWE is trying to accomplish that with this bout?

John Cena is 36-years-old and is still very much in the prime of his carer as the face of WWE. As he stated in a scripted promo on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, the future of the business runs through him. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt seemed underwhelming to me as a Wrestlemania match until Bray's singles bout against Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble. It was there Bray's full potential was realized because we were able to see the in-ring work that so many have raved about. Putting Bray in a match with Cena at Wrestlemania, which is the direction they plan on going, is big for him and should raise his profile, however, they have to be careful. While some will claim a loss "wouldn't hurt Cena," I could make an argument why neither should lose. As for Cena working with younger talent, this is WWE utilizing him to help an up and coming name but he's not in a situation where his only job is to "help" younger talent. Cena is still very much "the guy" and the future of business literally runs through him.

Why does WWE give their new talent such dead-end gimmicks? The most recent example of this would be Fandango. I think that Fandango could have a really good run as a mid-card talent, but I cannot really get past this gimmick. It seems like they give these wrestlers these gimmicks and hype them up just to lose them in the shuffle. What is your opinion on this?

I disagree with your premise that Fandango is a dead-end gimmick and actually feel his gimmick has resulted in his success as a mid card performer in WWE. Some gimmicks work and others do not but I feel Fandango has absolutely worked. His theme song alone skyrocketed his popularity after Wrestlemania 29 last year and has resulted in a consistent role on television for him. Furthermore the success of Fandango has trickled over to Summer Rae, who is dominating the female exposure on both Raw and Smackdown. I'm not sure WWE could have expected more out of this gimmick as it's more than accomplished its goal.

How do you think Triple H has done so far in his new corporate role? It looks to me that all he is doing is bringing back his friends in Kevin Nash, New Age Outlaws, etc.

Triple H began his role as a WWE executive in 2010 and was officially given an office at the company's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The transition has been slow and calculated with Vince McMahon picking Hunter as his inevitable successor. Over the past four years, Vince has given Hunter more and more responsibilities and now it's to the point where they are equal on many levels. It's still rather early to start judging Hunter's overall job performance but I've been impressed with the things that I know he has spearheaded.

His biggest project to date is leading up the transformation of the company's developmental territory. Hunter led the charge in the development of the WWE Performance Center and the agreement with Full Sail University to tape television there. I know Bill DeMott takes criticism as head trainer but I classify both of these projects as very successful. It also makes sense for Triple H to be focused on developing talent because it's that talent that's going to carry the company forward.

I also give Hunter credit for "doing the impossible" in bridging the gap between Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino. Bruno's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was no easy task and one  even Vince doubted could get done. Bruno's inclusion helps legitimatize the entire Hall of Fame and adds even more value to the event the night before Wrestlemania. Triple H also deserves credit for helping change Vince's mind on part-time talent. Hunter has negotiated with workers such as Chris Jericho in developing contracts where they can come back when their schedule's allow. This is a drastic change from Vince's past when it was "all or nothing."

Just based on these very few things, I have no problem with Triple H's increased roles and responsibilities. Yes, he is a guy that takes care of his friends and the fact that Billy Gunn and Road Dogg have jobs as producers is probably part of that. However, the decision to bring them back to TV as performers was one that was made recently and it was due to the fact they needed another tag team and both had received high praise for still being able to go. Hunter was a big part in getting Batista back, however, I have to put the blame of his failure as a babyface more on Vince McMahon as head of creative. I have no problem with Triple H remaining loyal to his friends and it actually makes me respect him more. A lot of people have success (not just in wrestling) and forget about the people that helped get them there.  Triple H hasn't done that and should be respected for that.  I also want to clear up Hunter's job title.  He is  the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events in WWE.  The "COO" tag is kayfabe as WWE does not have a COO.

Why has WWE completely phased out color? I know CM Punk bled not too long ago in a cage match, and it was debated if he did it intentionally. But before that, the Brock Lesnar/John Cena match was amazing; the color sold the match even more. I completely agree with you when you say that it shouldn’t be every other match. But, I think some matches lack greatly from the lack of color. A Hell in a Cell match would seem more barbaric, as it was intended to be, if there was some color at least once in a while. Where do you stand on this?

For those that do not know, color in the wrestling business is blood. And in the wrestling business, one "adds color" by "blading" or intentionally slicing their forehead with a razor to sell the fact they've been busted open. WWE banned blading years ago, however, there have been incidents where workers have done it anyway. I will admit it's harder to get a dry steel cage match over and "adding color" can be beneficial in certain situations. It's important not to overdo it because as with any gimmick, too much and it's overkill and becomes the new norm. However, I completely understand the decision to move away from blading and agree that it is in the best interest of public health.

While WWE performers are routinely tested for blood infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C, the risk is still there. The only way to completely eliminate the risk is to eliminate direct contact with someone else's blood. Even by eliminating intentional cutting (or blading) the risk is still there when a worker is busted open the hard way (or unintentionally). WWE has taken it a step further by having medical personnel at ringside during bouts and immediately treating a worker when they are busted open, even if that means stopping the match. While fans criticize this, it's all done for the safety of the workers. I personally feel that knowing what we know about diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C along with how to prevent one from becoming infected with such diseases, it would be primitive and barbaric to ask or expect someone to assume the risk of coming in direct contact with someone else's blood.

Workers can still get matches over without putting their health or the health of their opponent at risk. When one criticizes this they should think about how they would feel if their job required them to come in direct contact with someone else's blood knowing it poses a serious risk to their long-term health. I'll also note that WWE will not medically clear a worker that tests positive for a blood infectious disease. In other words, if a worker contracts a disease such as HIV or Hepatitis C, their in-ring career in WWE is over.

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2007: I noticed from time to time in WWE that a performer will lose a significant amount of blood during a match. For a performer to bleed this much they would have to be cut open by their opponent using a weapon. Are these weapons real? - Most of the time when you see blood in a wrestling match it is done by a process called blading. A wrestler will blade by hiding small pieces of a razor blade in their trunks or under a taped arm, when they get the chance, they slice a small cut in their forehead, causing a significant amount of bleeding. A performer is NEVER intentionally cut by an opponent. When you see a wrestler get smashed in the face with a weapon it is a stunt. Performers are never actually hit in the face with a weapon, but the illusion is good enough to make you believe that they were. However, that is not the case with some weapons as most chair shots are actually pretty legitimate, so it depends on the weapon.

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  • Patrick

    “WWE has taken it a step further by having medical personnel at ringside
    during bouts and immediately treating a worker when they are busted
    open, even if that means stopping the match.”

    that was annoying when they would stop a match so medical personnel could tend to the cut. It annoyed the fans especially during good match it ruined the match when they used to do that.

    I think color in a match once in a blue moon is fine but not every single match.

    • Chris

      We’re talking about being ok with a ‘blood ban’, when the big question is why were we once ok with someone bleeding for entertainment value?

      In most cases I don’t mind them stopping a match, but there are times they need to hold back a little and let the workers improvise a natural break in the match. Anyone remember the ladder match a few years ago, Christian vs Shelton Benjamin, where Christian was bust open and Benjamin just stood there, making no attempt to go for the title while Christian got patched up. It looked ridiculous. Especially when the next spot in the match left both guys laid out!

  • Jbreed

    Fandango has been a success as a mid carder? After the whole Fandango craze died diwn he became a jobber. And just now he’s starting to win some matches again but against Santino Marella.

  • jdl

    I wouldn’t call Fandango a success as a mid carder, he’s a bottom carder just barely above enhancement talent. His backup dancer has had more success than he has.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      he went over Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania…

      • jdl

        So? He’s currently involved in a feud with Santino and his latest girlfriend. Jack Swagger was World Heavyweight Champion, won money in the bank and an Elimination Chamber. Where is he now?

  • Jbreed

    I thought blading was banned because it didn’t conform to the PG rating.

    • That’s part of it but a big part of the PG initiative is the Wellness initiative. Remember, post-Benoit the company not only had to “repair their public image” but they also had to show investors they were taking steps to help protect the health of their talent.

      • Jbreed

        If the idea is to protect the well-being of the performers than I’m all for it. I’ve seen matches where guys must have cut too deep, leaving pools of blood all over the place.

        • Chris

          I agree, some of Triple H’s showings of colour have been a little stomach turning, and who could forget Eddie Guerrero vs JBL

          • Jbreed

            I remember blood was pouring out of Eddie Guerrero’s forehead like a fountain. It was just too nasty. I think I remember the same thing with Shawn Michaels one time.Then there was Ric Flair who’s blond hair would turn completely red from all the bleeding.

          • AB

            In his book, Bret Hart notes that blading has actually been banned in the company since the mid 80s, due to the risk of infection. Wrestlers have just been fined for it, unless they’ve been able to pass it off as accidental.

          • RVD4Life

            that was in the 80’s and early 90’s.. Blading in the late 90’s through 2008 was definitely planned, and none of the performers were ever fined.. if that were true, Triple H would be bankrupt considering the amount of blade jobs the guy has done.. He was the man in his day

          • Bob’s Diner

            He was the man because he excessively sliced his forehead? That makes no sense to me…

            Anyone that wants to see blood in a match should just watch TNA. Last time I bothered to tune in to that almost every match had someone stupidly blading

          • RVD4Life

            It may not make sense to you. But it made sense to true hardcore fans.. ask any fan that has been watching wrestling for the last 20 years, and 90% of them will tell you that wrestling was more exciting when there was the added dimension of color. Now it’s stale and feels like a more tuned up version of the 80’s WWF. it’s almost unbareable to watch now

      • Cef Fracker

        wasn’t there an issue where Undertaker threaded to quit after cowboy bob orton bled on him. I remember hearing Bob, had hep C and that was another reason blading was outlawed.

        • RVD4Life

          I read that also. but that was in 2005 after th Hell in a Cell match at Armageddon 2005. they still used blood for another 3 years after that

  • Bob’s Diner

    No surprises here, but I thoroughly disagree on HHH’s achievements as an exec. He is to blame for this Batista debacle. New Age Outlaws on TV lowering the quality of the tag division. All his friends getting PPV bonuses over current talent. Sin Cara. Talent getting themselves over and getting buried for it. Making himself the focal point of television programming… PPV buyrates and TV ratings have dropped since he’s been more in control

    • Venom

      All I can say the only person who should be blamed for the Batista situation is the person who decided he should win the royal rumble and main event wrestlemania. That could be Vince, Triple H, Stephanie or whomever. Maybe it wasn’t Triple H. I think the only real failure was Sin Cara but that’s because the former Mistico was given a regular contract instead of a developmental contract with a press conference and we all know what happened.

      I don’t mind if Triple H give his friends jobs since I would probably do the same if my friends didn’t have an income coming in. But I wouldn’t put them in main events, give them titles or take someone’s rumble spot.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I have no problems with giving them ‘jobs’ but there is no excuse for putting someone like Kevin Nash on PPV. Or television. He doesn’t need the money and has no talent.

        HHH is the head of talent relation and development – so he most obviously is involved with any talent that signs, especially so when it is one of his buddies. And let’s not forget the fact he puts himself in prominent matches/roles in television.

        Honestly, I just remember watching him bury Zack Ryder in an interview before WrestleMania 27 and all I could think was ‘Wow, what a great way to show leadership as the head of talent. Someone uses their own time to build a fan base and your reward is to say no one cares about him and it is his fault he can’t get on TV’

        • Venom

          Oh I agree with the Kevin Nash statement. He was the guy I was referring to in giving him the rumble spot. I didn’t mind Batista being in the rumble but I think he should have been on the verge of winning then someone costs him the match ruining his return then set up an interesting program. Seriously, who cares about his program with ADR he had eliminated him and squashed him when he returned.

          I don’t even think Triple H should be wrestling and also part of management. Like you really have an ego if you put yourself in a match and claim its part of the mania main event.

          • David F.

            My main concern with Batista is he is very out of shape in ring. In two minutes he is already gasping for air and looks winded. By looking at Smackdown spoilers pairing him with Ziggler could help some. WWE should be very concerned about Batista’s ring shape and if he doesnt improve soon they may not have choice and have to put Bryan in the match with him and Orton

          • Venom

            I’m not the wrestling critique when it comes to matches despite training in a wrestling ring years ago. But for some reason Batista reminded me when Timbaland was the raw guest host a few years back. He seemed like he had a hangover or something. Was very sloppy in the ring. And I’m shocked cause I thought he had slimmed down for his triathlon and MMA fight.

          • David F.

            If he is sloppy now how is he supposed to quickly be in shape for match with Orton and wrestle for 15-20 minutes without being winded so badly? 5 weeks is not lot of time. Ziggler is one of best workers on roster and if he cant help improve Batista’s in ring shape then WWE is in lot of trouble with main event

        • Snap

          I think I should just point out that for much, if not all, of the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon put himself in prominent roles and matches on TV and PPV. Anybody remember Vince vs. Shane at WM17? How about Vince McMahon beating (albeit with Steve Austin’s help) Triple H for the WWF championship? To Vince’s credit, however, he never put himself over anybody he faced at WrestleMania, but I think it’s a bit unfair to damn Triple H for something which Vince did on a regular basis during the most acclaimed period of recent WWE history.

          • Bob’s Diner

            As much as I might dislike the McMahons, to his credit Vince was the biggest heel in all of wrestling for about 4 years. He completely overstayed his welcome as did all the McMahons, and I certainly never thought he or Shane should have won any titles at all.

            It is actually nothing new – the booker puts themself in the main event. Dusty Rhodes did it. Kevin Nash did it. Vince did it. HHH has been doing it for 10 years. That’s not my biggest complaint at all. My complaint is that other than getting Bruno Sammartino to go in the hall of fame, he has not achieved anything since being in such a high position backstage, yet people act like the business is going to be better off with him in charge. He’s already started rewarding people that don’t deserve it and burying talented people. It is what he is known for

          • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

            I think the performance center is great thing. It would be even better if they turned it into an actual wrestling school. And even gave scholarships for it.

          • Jbreed

            The thing is Vince McMahon, with the Mr. McMahon character, was one of the major players in the success of the Attitude era. Triple H, on the other hand isn’t exactly doing wonders for the ratings in his current on-screen role so there really isn’t any need for him to be out there taking up valuable time.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Also, everyone beat the crap out of McMahon throughout that time – he was consistently humiliated and beaten. HHH has been the “COO of WWE” since 2011. And how many people have gotten the upper hand on him? Brock Lesnar… and… no one else. And that was purely to build a WrestleMania rematch for HHH to win. Also, he is unable to put his ego aside and actually stay as a heel. Honestly, he and Stephanie can’t seem to decide each week if they are heels or the funniest people in WWE.

            So really, if you want to compare him to Vince McMahon, he is clearly doing a terrible job

      • TheBigKing1

        I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said.

  • AlphaMale

    I don’t really think that Summer Rae has gained popularity because of Fandango. I think it’s because she’s crazy hot and most guys would drink her bath water lol

    • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

      Lol. Super hot

  • Jaryd

    I have to agree with Richard that you can’t say Cena is in the twilight of his career! Not to have a go at the asker but 36 is not old in wrestling terms unless you’re of a very fast-paced style which obviously Cena is not. Given Cena’s work style and what we know of his eat,drink and sleep wrestling philosophy, I can’t see him retiring until he’s in at least his mid 40s and even then I think he’ll only be semi-retired.

    • Jbreed

      Exactly, John Cena still has a lot of years left in him then he’ll eventually become what The Undertaker, The Rock etc. are now. The star from the past who is brought in as the main attraction at WM .

    • TheBigKing1

      Agreed. He’s not retiring any time soon. But I can see him slowing down by time he gets to his mid 40s.

      • GOR

        People keep forgetting that Cena has been wrestling in different time than all the other former wrestlers. Now WWE produces multiple shows every week & wrestlers SOORY superstars have to travel continuously even across continents. That is sure to take its toll on Cena’s body.
        Also, Cena’s responsibility as face of the company & his tendency to hurry back to work from injuries will surely cause more trouble for him.
        He will continue to be the Face of company only untill they find a new guy of their liking & he [Cesaro/Reigns] is ready to take the job. They could have done it with Punk/Bryan but did not choose to coz of their narrow-mindedness.
        After that [in 1-2 years], Cena will be shifted to a new role, similar to taker’s in his late years.

    • Snap

      I wouldn’t go by age alone to determine a worker’s longevity in the business as freak occurrences can and have happened which either force a career to end or significantly speeds up the expiration date. Christopher Nowinski and Edge come to mind, with concussions and neck injuries respectively forcing them to call it quits at a young age.

      As much as WWE may like to portray him as such, Cena is NOT superhuman and one day all of the injuries he’s suffered will catch up with him. I don’t think even the most anti of anti-Cena fans would wish for Cena to be injured to the point where he would be suffering from constant pain once his in-ring career is over. I certainly hope he doesn’t suffer a debilitating injury.

      So while I, nor anybody not privy to Cena’s medical records for that matter, can say whether or not Cena’s days in the ring are numbered, it’s equally ludicrous to dismiss such possibilities by simply stating that he’s only 36 and, thus, still in his prime. I certainly agree that helping make new stars, such as Bray Wyatt, would not hurt Cena in the slightest. If WWE is going to put a long term investment into Wyatt, then let Cena put him over clean and, most importantly, SELL his character and abilities. After everything Cena has done in his WWE career to date, it wouldn’t hurt him at all and could even gain him a bit of respect from the anti-Cena contingent.

      On the Hall of Fame front, I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed watching the ceremony more when it was low key and about the inductees, such as it was when it was first made available on DVD. It actually seemed like a celebration, with all of the inductees and their inductors sitting together and listening to each others’ stories. In recent years, it has become more about the typical WWE flashy sets and hadn’t Vince McMahon even put a time limit on how long the speeches could be? Furthermore, given how WWE fans have taken to hijacking shows with their chants, I don’t really think they deserve to be present at the ceremony if they can’t use their brains and be respectful on the one night of the year where respect should be a given. Didn’t Trish Stratus’ fiancé/husband get booed by the fans during her speech?

      • Joe Dee

        Cena will NEVER gain the respect that he deserves from the anti-Cena contingent. And I’m sure that he can live with that. It’s sad, but there’s nothing the guy can do to please those people. He has done far more for the WWE brand than any superstar in the history of the company, except Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan. Not even The Rock, despite his unprecedented and well-deserved celebrity status, elevated the WWE brand as well as Cena. And yet, all of these diehard CM Punk fans cheer him in arena, despite walking out on the company (regardless of the reason, it’s unprofessional) and ignoring his fans. Cena takes the abuse from those same fans and keeps clocking into work. The anti-Cena fans continue to see themselves as the cool heels in the arena. It’s pathetic.

      • opie

        Trish’s husband deserves to be booed. He destroyed all my hopes and dreams.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Freak accidents happen, but thirties are considered a wrestlers ‘prime’. Hence if someone had a freak accident, you would say their career ended while still in their prime.

        Ergo, John Cena is in the prime of his career

      • GOR

        Its funny how u talk about Cena not getting enf respect from punk fans n othrs wen his fans like u don’t respect othrs like Punk.
        I m not a diehard punk fan, but I understand his n his fans’ mentality. Punk would rather go home than take the disrespectful treatment given to him even after working so hard.
        n his die-hard fans would expect nothing less from him. [All that considering he is gone for sure]. So ur point of him being unprofessional & ignorant towards fans is pointless.

        Even u would leave ur workplace if u feel that ur work wasn’t being appreciated enf.

        1 more thing, Cena did not do more than Rock. Rock was 1 of the imp reasons that WWF could destroy WCW. Cena will never be able to match Rock’s in-ring work n promos.
        Cena gets booed mainly bcoz of his lack of character developement, in-ring work, repeatative n boring storylines n promos. Also, partiality towards other wrestlers [like Punk] in cena’s favor does not help his cause. the fact that he keeps up with it blindly instead of telling bookers to
        knock it off makes him indirectly responsible to all that heat as well.

        Cena is not a saint [or say superhero]. He gets paid for all the hard-work he does n earns more though events, appearances, ads n films; thanks to his continuous main-event exposure & goody-goody image created by WWE.

        No other face of the company has gotten booed regularly in every arena even after being a face like cena & nobody would have shamelessly continued with it but Cena.
        So yes he does deserve much heat.

        n this comes from a former Cena fan who loved his street-hustler/anti-hero character in his early dayz.

  • Winnipeg

    I have disagree with Richard about triple h. It’s apparent that the locker room is now triple H’s boys club. Ur his friend, ur in. If not our out. Let’s being back x-PAC and give him the intercontinental belt while were at it. It’s beyond me why anyone’s gonna be interested in seeing triple H’s friend vs triple H’s friend.

    • Jbreed

      Something’s not right when most of the champions and contenders are ex DX or ex Evolution members.

      • TheBigKing1

        Hmm. Never thought about that. But yeah, I guess. Maybe a coincidence.

    • Bob’s Diner

      What I always find interesting is how when something stupid happens, people blame Vince McMahon and say he is out of touch. Good things happen and they praise HHH for being great at his job. Doesn’t make sense to me at all

      • Frank Rizzo

        How when?

    • Mike

      I’m all for Pac coming back in the ring, just no IC reign. lol

  • The great one

    While we’re discussing blood in wwe,has anyone noticed how frequently big e’s
    opponents start bleeding in their mouth? I personally like big e but it’s a bit worrying how stiff he is and if you look at his recent matches/opponents you’ll notice it’s quite often such as jack swagger at elimination chamber.

  • TheBigKing1

    I totally agree with Richard on this 1…about the potential Bray Wyatt/Cena bout that might happen at WM30. At first, me and a lot of others online was like WTH! But after seeing him at Royal Rumble, I and a lot of others are sold on this bout. Now I can finally see Bray Wyatt as a legitimate maineventer.
    But like Richard said, both don’t need a loss. But I more would have Bray Wyatt to go over, rather than Cena. This could really catapult Bray Wyatts career after this win. I would love to see it…and see him get pushed into the championship mainevent picture. I’m sold.

  • K!NG

    this made me laugh

    • MaGayle AceVivid Starks


  • Sandeep Agarwal

    Richard, any idea how many people have been infected with HIV or Hepatitis C till now or had some other sort of illness because of blading? Not going against anything you have said, i totally support the decision of banning blading. This is just out of curiosity.

  • BigMike

    I will disagree on one point: Y2J has mostly always had a contract that is structured with his music so IMO this is not a valid point to make, Piper in the later 80’s and 90’s also had a part time contract but yes in general it was not the rule

  • Chris B

    I would say that Fandango’s gimmick and initial launch into the WWE went better than I think anyone could have imagined. The crowd singing his entrance music and a win over Jericho at Wrestlemania had him in line for a shot at a title and possible run, his future was bright. Then he got injured, he was out for barely no time at all but whoever was pushing him in creative dropped him and moved on. He’s had feuds, he’s had good matches, but the thought of getting back to a title shot again, it’s not looking good for him.

    WWE have this really bad habit of dropping there up and comers or just loosing interest in the stars they were building up, and it isn’t that these wrestlers weren’t over, Ziggler, Sandow, the crowds and still are hot for them, but they are trapped going nowhere.

    But what frustrates me the most is that it isn’t like they’re not pushing the new guys, the shield and Wyatts stole the show at EC, and in the chamber it was Sheamus and Cesaro who beat the hell out of each other for so much of it, the Irishman stalked that match like a caged animal while Cesaro was just hungry, both brawling with anyone who got within range to such cheers from the crowd. Christian again showed why he’s held the top titles everywhere he’s gone and Bryan did what he did best. Of the other two, of the two top guys, well Cena was Cena, he always holds his own in a match, whether its particularly original or not, the man makes others look good (Cesaro’s uppercut from one hell of a hight) and then came the Champion. Orton sold his character well, there is never any denying that, but in terms of wrestling he did nothing new in that match, his stomps, his superplex, his ddt and RKO and inevitable interference, this is the main event at Mania.

    Where was I, oh yea, it was the younger guys that made the PPV but its the WWE that struggles to make use of them, all are bright but only a few get a future from the fickle powers that be.