The Future Of WWE Main Event On Broadcast Television

While WWE Main Event will continue to air live on the WWE Network on Tuesday nights, it will also continue to air in its normal 8 PM/7 CT timeslot on Ion Television. The episode that aired Tuesday night on WWE Network featuring Daniel Bryan vs. Kane is scheduled to air on Wednesday night.

Furthermore, we can confirm the March 12th and March 19th episodes of WWE Main Event are already on Ion Television's schedule.

For those that missed it, WWE Main Event will air at 8 PM EST on WWE Network moving forward. This is a change from this Tuesday night, as the show aired at 7 PM EST.

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Richard Reacts: This move shows us a couple of things. One, Ion Television doesn't have exclusive rights to distribute the show domestically like the USA Network has for Raw or SyFy has for Smackdown. It also shows the great flexibility the WWE Network gives the company. Should they lose domestic clearance they now have their own where they can alter the timeslot as they see fit. This is exactly why Vince McMahon wanted the WWE Network to be his legacy. It's a well known fact if WWE would lose their domestic TV deals in their current form they would be in grave danger, however, that risk is increasingly minimized with the evolution of the WWE Network.

  • Kevin Taylor

    It’d be interesting to see (hypothetically) if say WWE were to lose out completely on their domestic TV deals, how much they would charge for the WWE Network in the future to offset the loss and obviously increase revenue.

    • matt

      wwe would be in MAJOR trouble if they lose their domestic tv deals. tna would be dead without spike tv.
      wwe needs a boost in tv rights fees because of the great ratings it does for cable tv.
      the best scenario is for wwe to remain with nbc universal as long as wwe gets a FINANCIAL increase in rights fees.
      COMCAST owns nbc universal and Comcast is the biggest cable company so wwe would love to see Comcast continue to carry the monthly ppvs for wwe fans who have zero interest in a wwe network.
      the wwe network can be a great source of revenue to wwe but the DOMESTIC TV DEALS carry the company.
      the network is a great way to get money from fans who obsess over pro wrestling but can’t afford to pay 50 dollars or more per month for one individual ppv event.