Future Of WWE World Heavyweight Championship To Be Decided Tonight, Latest Timetable For Daniel Bryan's Return

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The main promotional point for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw is The Authority "demanding" that Daniel Bryan "personally surrender" the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

While WWE is going storyline-heavy with Daniel Bryan after he was forced to undergo neck surgery, the direction they plan to go with the title is currently unknown. Multiple scenarios have been pitched but nothing was finalized heading into the weekend.

The belief within WWE is that Bryan will be cleared to return by Battleground on July 20, 2014 and even if he's not, his availability shouldn't be in question for SummerSlam in August. It does not appear that he'll be able to work the next two pay-per-views (Payback and Money in the Bank respectively) because of the injury.

We have preliminary details for SummerSlam available at this link.

  • David F

    I know this is not going to happen why not let Ziggler defend the title for Bryan.

  • Avalanchian

    In a way I’d like to see Heyman come out and demand his client… Brock Lesnar be champion. Because he defeated the Untertaker blah blah talk. Hopefully it would get Cesaro a little jealous and break away from Heyman in hopes of regaining that strong fan reaction he once had. He could then face Brock at a Pay per view and probably lose, but make it a damn good match. When Bryan is finally healthy he could take back his title from Lesnar. Him coming back to slay the beast would get an insane crowd reaction.

  • Padres4life

    he has those Cena healing powers lol only two months.