More On The Future Of WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Legitimate Plan In Storyline

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Stephanie McMahon announced on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw the plan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If Daniel Bryan is cleared to compete, he'll defend the title against Kane in a Stretcher Match at Money in the Bank. If not, the title will be on the line in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

While a storyline announcement, this is exactly the plan behind-the-scenes. We reported on Sunday afternoon the plan was for Bryan to keep the title if he's out another month. Any longer than that, a storyline would be put in place to crown an interim champion at Money in the Bank.

You can watch Stephanie McMahon's segment from Raw at this link or embedded in the video below:

WWE Money in the Bank 2014 will take place Sunday, June 29, 2014 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. We'll have complete coverage here at

  • Josh G

    It would be such a waste to have a champion crowned in the ladder match. Really hoping DBry can work. Especially because I want to see him live again!

    • supercilious1

      How is that a waste? That’s the best way to crown a champion. That person would have earned the championship against 7 other guys.

      • Marcus

        I think he means it would be a waste of a Money in the Bank ladder match and then not have anybody having a briefcase. That always brings intrigue wondering when someones gonna cash in.

  • Patrick

    I hope Daniel Bryan will be healthy enough to defend the title. I’m glad to see WWE didn’t just take the Title off Bryan………..because I remember when HBK hurt his back in his match against Undertaker at the Royal Rumble 98. He was out untill WM when he faced Austin , he was still hurt at the time and he missed a PPV in between and there was no talk about him giving up the title.

    • Matt

      This is a much different era…

      • K!NG

        And DB is not HBK

    • BigMike

      back then Vince knew HBK had sever back issues and was planning on putting Austin over so he could take time off, which he did and was out for a couple years

  • The Bops

    Personally, if Bryan can’t defend, I’d consider two ladder matches. One for the title and one for the briefcase. Best of both worlds. I’d go with a similar theme to last year, the All-Stars for the title and the “Rising Stars” for the briefcase.

  • Big Boss Man’s Breakfast

    Having Del Riero ahead of Ziggler is a complete an utter disgrace

    • cranktheradio

      I wish I could up vote this over and over again. That’s an absolute joke and a slap in the face to one of the best workers in the company….again.

  • kingdook24

    WWE does know that fans think ADR… is as entertaining as watching paint dry, right? I swear Ziggler is getting the Daniel Bryan treatment of Last Year 2.0. At least Bryan made it out on top. Ziggler can’t even find himself in a storyline. He’s just floating around like Kofi as well.

    • Trapdoor

      If Ziggler could hit the target demographic that ADR does, he would be flying by now. If he Really wants to get somewhere, he HAS to get the crowd behind him, in a Hogan/Stone Cold/Rock/Bryan/Cena(/Y2J) way.


    This just letting your NUMBER 1 title not being defended is not working too well for bringing “Prestige” back to it now is it? They should of waited for D.B. to come back BEFORE he won at wrestlemania. I mean when Edge had to be stripped they had a battle royal that Kahli won. but A NEW champ and is Hurt RIGHT after so the belts dnt get defended for three months? Nope NOT good for Business

  • Paul Jameson

    Seeing as how there is only one world title, should DB have to give it up and they make the MitB match for the title…there is MORE than enough talent to have a second MitB match for future shot as well. The thought of only having 1 MitB match a year just…..doesn’t fly.

  • Trapdoor

    If Bryan *can’t* wrestle: Ladder match for belts > 2 people reach > pull 1 off each > Split titles again. Hell, we could have Bryan say “Sure, here’s *A* title back.” & only hand over 1 belt. :o/