G.I. Joe: Retaliation 'Rocks' At The Box Office

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation with The Rock grossed an estimated $41.2 million this weekend, which is the second-highest Easter debut ever and the biggest opening weekend of 2013. Including Thursday, the film has earned $51.7 million. BoxOfficeMojo.com has more at this link.

The Rock celebrated with a pizza party. You can view a photo below:


  • Winnipeg

    Cheat day 4 the rock :p

    • Dangerous Lee

      When you’re on steroids you can pretty much eat whatever you want anyways. As long as you workout, you’re good.

      • Razmos

        The dude is not on stroids Bruce, stop being the green eyed monster and hush up, he works out to the max everyday, he would be much bigger on steroids, The Rock has gained very little mass. He has just lost fat and toned up

        • Don

          He’s absolutely on roids, you’d have to be a total moron to think otherwise. He could NEVER achieve that without roids, it just isn’t in his genes, just look at when he was younger.

          • Razmos

            You have to be a total moron to think he is, he has not gained any mass look back you will see he has not grown in body width, steroids give you more mass, The Rock has just toned up, the guy is always in the public eye and im pretty sure that taking roids would affect movie deals and his current WWE contract, people need to stop with the jealousy

      • Bruno was never on steroids, but he did use the “eat as much as you can & lift as much as you can” workout theory. Heard it straight from his son.

  • sujay

    well its not the biggest opening weekend of 2013……. the biggest opening was “Oz: the great and powerful with $79 million over the 3 day weekend…. get ur facts right pls….

  • Am I the only one with zero interest in GI Joe movies?