Gabe Tuft (Formerly Tyler Reks) Shoots On John Cena, Who Killed The MidCard Mafia, More

Gabe Tuft, known as Tyler Reks during his time with WWE, has been making waves on Twitter by shooting on John Cena, giving his opinion of his former co-workers, and more. Some of the tweets are compiled below:

In addition, Tuft sounded off on who was responsible for stopping his MidCard Mafia video series:

Click here to view more of Tuft's tweets.

  • Stoney

    Just another bitter WWE alumni

  • Mohitdk316

    Maybe Tyler Reks's business is not doing well, which is the case for almost every start up business today and he wants to make some money on the side so he is talking trash about the Face of the company. Why? The answer is very simple. He feels that now many websites will call him for interviews, independent promoters will call him to work some of their shows and he will charge them a decent amount for his appearances, and thus will help him in making up for all the shortfall

  • Mark3man

    To be fair, I wouldn’t let him do the burning hammer…just because it looked really bad when he did it, no where near as good as the original. The burning hammer done right is the most impressive finishing move I’ve ever seen. (That or the canidan ddestroyer)

    • Kevin Smith

      I can't even remember what the Burning Hammer looked like, but I do remember the Canadian Destroyer. That was one cool move! I wish someone would pick that up and use it.

  • Theguy12

    The burning hammer kind of looks like a reverse F-5

  • KingJamsie

    I believe every word he said. Especially Miz & Truth given their idea.
    I love Hawkins but he's only employed because of his ties to Edge & Dwayne

  • Antonio inglada

    It’s a dangerous move , and some guys don’t have the experience to use it , with out hurting their opponent . I have heard good things about Cena helping and pushing the guys to come up, I have to belive that he thinks that the hammer could really injure some one

    • Snap

      Perhaps, but whatever Cena's intentions, it is NOT his place to go around berating other performers and threatening to have them fired. Sure, he could have pulled Rex aside and addressed his concerns, but if such stories are true it sounds like Cena believes his own hype and feels he's bigger than everybody else. If any of us were to go around pulling those type of stunts in our real world jobs, we'd get into serious trouble with management.

      To everybody calling him "bitter" and whatnot, remember that he wasn't fired by WWE he ASKED for his release to be with his family, what does he have to gain by making up stuff about Cena? What he says might be true, it might not be, but WE don't know John Cena nor have we ever worked with him. Isn't it just as possible that all the reports of people praising Cena backstage are just people kissing up so they don't end up killing their careers?

      Hell, people are so willing to crucify people like CM Punk for a mistake in the heat of the moment (hitting the fan) yet NOTHING is ever Cena's fault. His marriage falls apart, it MUST be his (ex)-wife's fault. None of us are perfect and just because Cena works with the Make a Wish Foundation, it doesn't make him a saint. By all means, give him all the props he deserves but don't turn a blind eye to when he obviously oversteps his boundaries.

      • simze

        That doesn’t sound like cena at all from what I’ve heard and read from other people in the buisness cena pushes and helps the younger guys

        • Snap

          Yeah, but WE don't know anything about Cena other than what we see on TV or read. I don't know for certain if Reks' claims are true or not, but I just don't see how he could possibly benefit from making up lies about Cena, particularly if he wants to keep the door open to do business with WWE again in the future.

          This isn't the only time Cena has been said to have gotten in another wrestler's face. There was a report months ago about Cena getting in Alberto del Rio's face over a bad bump in his match with Dolph Ziggler so I am more inclined to believe that Reks' claims just MIGHT be accurate.

          I'm more skeptical about what people in the business close to Cena or WWE would say, actually. Badmouthing your peers isn't exactly a smart career move and even JBL let his first push be killed because he refused to throw a referee under the bus for a mistake. With Cena being the face of the company, it's pretty much career suicide to go against him at this point.

      • _JIM_

        Unfortunately he IS bigger than everybody else… So he can, and apparently will, go around and tell coworkers exactly what he thinks about them. I agree it's not exactly the most professional thing to do, but until someone starts out selling him in merch and drawing more money at events Vince is going to let him do what he wants. This is honestly the 1st negative thing that I've heard of Cena saying to another worker. Usually it's the other way around because he's pulling for younger talent. So until I hear of him doing it to others I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and lean towards he really didn't think that the move was safe for Rek's to be using.

      • Kevin Smith

        Well said, Snap. Cena may be the face of the WWE, but he is certainly not a god. He is as imperfect as the next guy; in fact, I read (I believe it was on this site) that the Cena/AJ angle was a rib on Cena for his real-world extramarital affairs that were almost revealed during the divorce. If Cena has concerns over another performer's moves, he has every right to voice them to the performer. In fact, I think he should go to the person with whom he has a problem before going to management. But Cena should be careful how he approaches people so that he doesn't come off as trying to be the boss. If that performer doesn't seem to want to listen to Cena, then Cena should go to management before someone gets hurt due to a faulty move. Perhaps Tyler is exaggerating a bit; perhaps not. I believe him either way.

    • Batman

      Actually, Reks’ Burning Hammer was just a reverse AA, not at all an actual Burning hammer that could hurt someone.

  • Doug S

    It just never fails. A person free of the company that decides to speaks out, always ends up getting hammered by the "comment superstars". You people come to these sites for information, right? A former employee gives you information, and he gets "comment crucified" by the kids and the basement people of our world. Yet, if you ran into him at a restaurant(or the video game store), you'd be asking him questions about the WWE, and if he gave you the exact same answer as his tweets, you'd be talking crap on the WWE and Cena in a second, and you know it. Why can't you just take him at his word, or start your response by saying, "If what he said is 100% accurate, blah, blah, blah"? I think you guys should go to a wrestling website that is just a picture of your favorite superstar. You just click it, and a new picture pops up telling you how amazing he is, then you wouldn't have to worry about the stupid "information" that gets in your way while you are hanging off your star's jock.

    • Kevin Smith

      Wow. Just, wow. That was amazing, as well as amazingly accurate. I think you hit the proverbial nail on its proverbial head. Tyler should be taken at his word, with a bit of salt, until it is proven that he is full of **it. He probably is exaggerating a bit (we all do when someone comes down on us for a mistake), but most likely what he says is true.

  • dustinferrare

    Just watched videos of “the burning hammer” finisher. Its a increadably dangerous move that could end someones career if botched just a little. Moves like that no matter how cool they look shouldn’t be used.

    • Ken

      Moves like that should absolutely be used. They look cool. All that's needed is to make sure that the wrestlers using them, and the people taking them, know what they're doing. Far too many wrestlers don't know how to take a finishing move properly. That's far more dangerous than delivering the move.

    • Kevin

      I watched the Japanese versions of the Burning Hammer, then watched Tyler Reks' version. Most of the Japanese versions were done by dropping the opponent on his head, neck, and shoulders, much like a powerbomb. The last 2 incorporated a wristlock and appeared to be more like the Tyler Reks version, which is essentially a combination of Flapjack and Attitude Adjustment. Tyler drops his opponent onto their face and stomach, which doesn't appear to be that dangerous. Then again, even a simple back body drop can be dangerous if botched; just ask Cody Rhodes.

  • LeBron James

    I believe everything Tyler Reks is saying. Cena is too consumed into the business. This isn't the first time we hear a story about Cena being an absolute prick to his co workers. He's not as nice as people think.

  • Wreckless discharge

    He didnt invent,the idead of having a ” fired” employee wnter,through,the crowd thats,been done to,death aince I was a kid.

  • Jaycee

    I wish people would stop using Twitter to air their beefs. Even if Tyler is right, it just makes him looks like a douche and makes Cena continue to look like a saint.

  • basss

    Bitter ex worker.looking for cheap fame

  • Tim

    Alls everyone knows is what they read. John cena could be a nice guy and help people out. I believe he does. But that doesn’t mean. He’s not a scumbag at times. You guys do know Tyler reks left right not fired.

  • christopher525

    Isn't this the same guy who freaked out on a plane?