Gail Kim Discusses The WWE Mindset In Booking Divas

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The UK Sun has published the second part of their interview with Gail Kim. In part 1 of the interview, Gail discussed eliminating herself from the Divas Battle Royal on WWE Raw and boldly declaring she would never return to the company.

Now, Gail shed some light on the WWE mindset regarding the booking of Divas:

"I heard many times that they want the Divas to be girly. They didn't care about the heel girls getting any heat.

"We just didn't understand. They did everything in their power, it seemed, to take everything to give us a good match, for the heels to get any heat.

"It was no kicking one week, or no punching the next. No this, no that. It was at the point where I was asking whether we could do anything at all."

You can read highlights and listen to the full interview at this link.

Richard Reacts: Gail Kim left TNA in 2008 to go to WWE because she was going to make more money. She got paid a downside in the ballpark of $100,000 for three years. WWE made her sit out her contract through the end of last month but she still collected her downside. While I respect Gail and think she was vastly under-utilized in WWE, she had to know the WWE mindset in terms of the way they book the Divas before she decided to leave TNA.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us the UK Sun link.

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