Gail Kim Reveals Details About WWE Angle With Daniel Bryan

Gail Kim recently appeared as a guest on Wrestling with Rosenberg and she made some fascinating comments about the events that resulted in her quitting WWE the second time.  Her final appearance on WWE TV was on the  August 1, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw when she infamously eliminated herself from a Divas Battle Royal.

In the interview, Gail said she decided to quit WWE the day they introduced the angle to her that she would be Daniel Bryan's secret girlfriend in the program with The Bella Twins. She said that when she went in that day with her boyfriend/now husband Robert Irvine that she decided to go with the flow.

Gail said the USA Network apparently didn't like the Bella Twins fighting over Bryan so her inclusion was the new direction. According to Gail, she was the third choice behind Sara Del Rey and Awesome Kong and they went with her because she was already on the roster. Once the angle concluded, she was frustrated about being phased out again. She said John Laurinaitis asked her if she wanted to train Divas at the company's developmental territory and she didn't want to do it.

Her infamous exit was due to frustration, as we noted back when it happened. You can watch the entire interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Tom

    And within a few months she may not have a company to work for… This is what happens when you burn bridges and you’re not as over/popular as you think you are..

    Get over yourself Gail Kim.

    • kewlkatz

      I think when you’ve been spat on and disrespected in a division that’s a joke in itself, TWO TIMES no less, it’s understandable that you would ‘burn bridges’.

      • Nostaljack

        She went back to WWE on her own. No one told her to do it. She went in search of more money. It seemed a good business move on the surface but WWE by and large isn’t interested in their Divas actually being able to work. How she didn’t know that is entirely beyond my logic. She found that out, then got frustrated and quit. She brought all of that on herself.

        • kewlkatz

          TNA back then was paying her (and most of the other Knockouts) a pathetic, sexist sum, to the point where she was practically losing money working for them. Her signing with the WWE was necessary at that point. Gail initially thought going in that the PG era would be a positive thing for the women’s division in terms of focus on the wrestling over T & A, but alas, that was obviously not the case. The disrespect to the Divas in general was not the only thing that led to her frustration, as evident if you actually watched the interview, and past ones for that matter. She had also been personally ribbed by the WWE numerous times, and wasn’t given any sort of opportunity to get over.

  • Jbreed

    CM Punk should have eliminated himself from the RR match. It would have really stuck in Vince McMahon’s craw.

    • Eddie Edwards

      Haha. Could you picture that?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Yeah.. cause eliminating himself would have done loads. He did the best thing. Just walk out.

      • opie

        I hate to say this, but Jbreed may have a point. The only way to get through to Vince may be to affect the on-screen product and take the control away from him. I’m aware of the timeline regarding this story, but could you imagine how huge it would’ve been if Punk and Rollins had walked out as the first two entrants in the Rumble, then as soon as the bell rang, Punk eliminated himself and walked out without saying a word? Punk would’ve immediately created the biggest angle in WWE by hijacking the show.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Punk has already created a stir, doing what Gail Kim did wouldn’t have solved anything.

      • Jbreed

        And a lot of people say he should have stuck around until his contract expired and a lot of people say he should have never walked away. My idea idea is what’s best for business

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          No.. Punk waited till the end of the Royal Rumble and out of respect for the company, considering what happened. He did it in a professional manor.

    • wrestlingfan04

      i cant believe that ANYONE thinks this is real…cmjunk has done this little “trick” 2 or 3 times now.and ignorant people fall for it,its a work,either he needed time of ( for injury,or rest) or possible film/tv work,the show has gotten boring lately,its the same old same old,…stop with the “group” of wrestler…the wyatts are plain stupid…the sheild is getting old ( concept not age ) the authority is stagnate,..the “group ” thing is as boring as the true americans…brock lesnar…cm junk…ALLL the latino/mexican wrestles….hell even bringing back bastista isnt going that well….is it any wonder that the “old school” night was such a success ? while junks “character” is SUPPOSED to be an independent “thinker” he sold out years ago,and wont lose the big paycheck…i bet a years wages to anyone that junk will be “back” before or at wrestlemania…again hes all about the money and “show” anymore,every few months ,junk gets “upst” with the company and throws a tantrum…then all of the sudden all is fine and hes back to “business” another retold storyline….even if he “leaves” and goes to another wrestling would likely be eather japan,or one the wwe has its hand in.
      face it the cm junk “i quit” or if i dont get what i want stchick is old and rehashed to many times
      all i can say is GO JUNK>>>GO LEAVE PPPLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE!!!!!! enough already

  • kewlkatz

    Wish people would stop likening the CM Punk exit to Gail Kim’s. There is really no comparison at all; CM Punk has had an incredible past couple of years, and just because he’s not in the main event picture for a few months he becomes frustrated and leaves… Talk about entitlement.