Gail Kim Thankful To Be A TNA Knockout, Talks Infamous Roll-Out

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SLAM! Wrestling has a new interview online with Gail Kim. In it, she discusses how happy she is to be a TNA Knockout and how frustrating it was in WWE. She also speaks of her infamous roll-out of the company. Below is an excerpt:

"Nobody knows what I went through in terms of disrespect during my time there, but that move wasn't just about me it was a culmination of all the disrespect I felt that all the other women and the women's division as a whole had received too, I was taking a stand.

"While a lot of fans watching Raw noticed what I did, nobody from WWE noticed, that just shows how much they didn't care. I went up to Johnny [John Laurinaitis] after and spoke about the Battle Royal and his reaction towards the match was, 'Yeah, I heard it was pretty s---.' I was amazed and I then told him how I eliminated myself and he just laughed.

Click here to read article in its entirety.

  • Mike

    Does she ever shut up about her time in WWE? We got it the first 91034385940305304 times! Get over yourself!

  • H.M.

    We get your point Gail, and I think anyone who watches the WWE divas division knows how much of a joke it is. In her defense she WAS interviewed about it so I guess you can't completely blame her.

    • Van

      yeah.we get the fact that TNA treats her better than WWE and the Knockouts division is better than the Diva's division,but how many times doesshe have to talk about it?

  • Tom

    She loves smearing her poor decision all over the net… The divas situation may suck but…the only losers in this whole thing were the fans…she basically spat in every WWE Fan's face… If she wanted to really leave a mark…she could have stayed in the ring and not let the divas eliminate her like they wanted to.

    I am so tired of the spiteful wrestlers going down south to TNA, running their mouths about WWE, then turning around and realizing that TNA is a sinking ship itself, and want to come back to the WWE.

    She lacked severe professionalism for what she did and if i were Dixie Carter, I would have sent Gail Kim on her way, myself.

    Another has-been that never was.

  • ABNo4

    I'm with you guys. Gail's entitled to her take and she's got a point, but enough is enough. Time to let it go.

  • Captain Booger

    She can say whatever she wants, but TNA. as a whole. simply sucks. Now she can go suck along with it.

    Just wish Mickie James would come back to the WWE, where she belongs. She never should have left.

  • todd

    gail kim needs to shut up ,in her time in wwe ,daniel bryan cheated on the bella twins with her my friend christian and i are always saying what the crap cause d bryan cheated on 2 hot girls for a very stupid chineese girl