Gap In Logic With This Week's Smackdown Broadcast Team (Spoiler)

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Josh Mathews and Santino Marella were the broadcast team for this week's WWE Saturday Morning Slam taping.

This of course is notable because Mathews wasn't on Smackdown, because he was selling the kayfabe "injuries" he suffered at the hands of Kane and SummerSlam. This week's Smackdown broadcast team was Michael Cole and Teddy Long.

  • Frenchfry

    ok, who cares lol

  • ryder

    Typical WWE for you

  • ceedot

    As funny as this is, it's sort of hypocritical, because we all know this is entertainment and I would think this website embraces that rather than belittles it (considering the masses wouldn't even pick up on this).

    • Kevin

      This website is embracing the entertainment. Richard is pointing out that if they are trying to entertain us by having Kane "attack" Josh Matthews, then having Josh miss Smackdown due to the injuries, that he shouldn't have been able to sit at the announce table for the Saturday morning show. Richard's point is that if the WWE is going to entertain us, they should do it in a logical fashion. It would be like having a talent suffer a broken arm, then show up the next week and wrestle a match without a cast.

  • Logan_Walker

    Who was that guy in the original ECW who stayed at home and got his wife to answer the door i think he was storyline blinded

    • booya

      It was the Sandman

    • Bault16


      • Logan_Walker

        yeh and thats how you sell a injury.. not like these days

        i think it was about a month ago on raw John Cena Via Satellite after RAW he comes out…

  • PainOfDemise

    Figures. They only care about Raw and Smackdown for their storylines. Superstars, NXT and now Saturday Morning slam are their own thing that they don't even recognize in any way shape or form when it comes to do with theiry main shows Raw and Smackdown.

    Just like with the segment with Regal not to long ago about how he is the trash boy. Yet the ignore the fact he was running NXT before and is the announcer on NXT. Or the fact the Maxine (when she was here) was running FCW. They just ignore any of their other programs when it comes to Raw and Smackdown.

    • Logan_Walker

      True WNW reported that WWE Took WWE Nxt Of there Site… so it could be repackaged… its a shame when people outside the US and there airing NXT on TV but not in the US

  • Lucha

    What if this match isn't going to be aired this week, but may next?

  • Josh

    This was for next weeks (sept. 1st) broadcast. Makes perfect sense

    • James

      Yeah, not sure what the issue is

  • Btb

    I had to laugh reading the title. “Gap in Logic” gasp!!!111

    • Ken

      Ae, it's like "Which one?"

  • Jamie

    To be honest, I don't really pay attention to the commentary, sometimes its just annoying, but then again if it wasn't there it would be strangely quiet.