Garett Bischoff Says He's Still With TNA Wrestling

Garett Bischoff confirmed in a new interview he still has an active contract with TNA Wrestling. He said he was "hoping soon" when asked when he would return to television but said he was waiting for something to come along and he was an opened-minded person.

  • I think Bischoff and Knux could make a stable, Kronik like tag team. All they would need is a solid storyline or mouthpiece. They’re good hands with the right packaging.

    • Venom

      If you were referring to them in a positive complimentary way then comparing them to Kronik isn’t the right strategy. I’m with you in that Garrett Bischoff and Knux might have potential. It’s not like Garrett relied on his dad to get into wrestling. He works out, trained and did what other wrestlers do. I don’t know about his Indy career if he had one bit it’s not like people don’t accept open doors if an oppurtunity comes along.

      I do feel bad for him in that I think if he really has dreams of becoming a legit pro wrestler its hard for him to find work. It’s like imagine Shane McMahon left WWE to go work in WCW, nobody would hire him as he could looked at as a spy.