Gawker Asks Judge To Throw Out Hulk Hogan's $100 Million Lawsuit

Shares 0 has asked a judge to throw out Hulk Hogan's $100 million lawsuit against them. The publication claims they had a journalistic right to publish a clip from Hogan's sex tape with Heather Clem and he already admitted in a book he released in 2009 he was an adulterer, so it couldn't have done more damage to his reputation.

Gawker also claims they didn't invade Hogan's privacy because they didn't record the footage, just distributed it because Hulk is a world famous celebrity. They do not feel they should have to reveal who leaked them the footage, citing laws that protect news sources.

A judge has yet to rule but you can read more coverage here at

  • _JIM_

    How in the heck do they think that journalists have a right to post something personal, like that video, without permission? Gawker is an internet rag and I hope that the judge doesn't throw this case out and Hogan takes them to the cleaners and wipes them out financially. It's about time one of these stars stands up for themselves in this situation instead of just going along with it after they see how much money that they can make off of it. I think Hogan is the 1st celeb, at least the 1st that I can remember, that is standing up for his rights and the rights of others that may be put into this situation by somebody that they mistakenly trusted.

  • Risendevil

    If the suit was on the grounds they just mentioned they are right to file for it to be tossed out. Hell. Everyone who has followed Hogans life since the Geraldo Rivera interview knows he ain’t no saint and never has been. Ask anyone he ever worked with in the ring. The majority will say in private that he is a user.