Gene Snitsky Takes Part In ABC Investigation

Here's a good "where are they now?" on Gene Snitsky. He took part in an special ABC investigation you can watch embedded in the video below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Mathew Lisett for sending in the video link.

  • Mike

    Where have I seen this before? I know I've seen it before.

  • Jordan

    "It wasn't my fault!"

  • Denny


    • mathew30

      its from a youtube channel which is a few years old, i think like 2 years old when it was posted, but i came across it randomly and as soon as the wanted picture came up i instantly knew the face and so i sent into the link .

  • havoc525

    This has been posted on this site before, that’s why it looks familiar Mike.

  • David Snay

    Yep, it initially aired a little over a year ago, in February, 2011, according to Wikipedia.

  • pipebomb

    you ever notice that they do these kind of shows state when firearm ownership is either very hard to obtain or you cant own a sidearm. do something like this in my hometown and more than likely the actor would get a .45 pressed against his head and be told to prone out on the floor

  • Angus

    Snitsky needs to do some situps!