Get To Know Richard Gray - Now Accepting Facebook Friend Requests!

Do you enjoy my Richard Reacts feature here on the website? How about my news and analysis? I've started to utilize my Facebook account more, by not only posting my reactions to stories but also giving readers further insight behind them. I'd love to add you to my Friends list and invite you to send me a friend request at this link.

Friend Richard Gray on Facebook

Also, if you don't know already, I'm a huge sports fan and will include those reactions in my musings! This plug will follow.

  • Xavier

    Yup. This is certainly breaking, hot news. Not just an ego trip at all.

    • No this is not news. And whatever man over the ego trip. I’ve come to accept you are part of a small group of people that is anti anything we want to do here. Keep hating.

      • Xavier

        Okay first of all. Can you tell people to quit jacking my name then posting random crap under my name?

        • Xavier, the only way this could be alieviated that I know of is to set up a dummy Social media account and post a profile pic and then link them together so everyone knows which one is you.

          • Xavier

            Thanks bro, I’ll have to do that. I’ve changed my name 3 times on here b/c of people stealing my username smh. Kids I tell ya lol.

    • Xavier

      Oh look, I have another groupie, I feel so loved now

  • Shaniqua

    I added you but you declined. Is it because i’m not pretty enough? Because i promise i can change, i’ll do anything.

  • For me when you do these extra talk things on Facebook it’s kind of sad because my job doesn’t allow me to use facebook at all. So I guess I miss out on the more in depth stuff from time to time. Anyways good for you trying to connect more with people.

  • Mohamed Thameem

    Thanks Richard for accepting my friend request in Facebook, I hope we will have a nice time bro !!!