Gimmick PPVs, Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, Trent Barreta & Kofi Kingston, Lesnar At Wrestlemania

Does having pay-per-views like Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell and TLC hurt the prestige of the gimmick matches and cause them to lose luster?

No, I like the way WWE has handled their B-level pay-per-views with the gimmicks. I'm not a big fan of gimmick matches but when used correctly, they work. WWE has been able to integrate the gimmicks into their B-level shows, making them more meaningful and giving viewers a reason to order, without killing the gimmick matches themselves. They've done this by putting the gimmicks on one or two "main event" matches of the show but not making every bout on the card a gimmick. I do not feel the gimmicks should be completely exclusive to their respective pay-per-views as I would have no problem with a Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. That was talked about for this year's show but upon last check, they've decided against it.

Given these two factors: 1) The huge pop Goldust got at the Royal Rumble and 2) This past Super Bowl pitting two brothers against each other drawing the largest crowd in Super Bowl history, is Vince McMahon giving any more thought to a Wrestlemania matchup between Cody Rhodes and Goldust?

Vince McMahon was said to be pleased with the work between Goldust and Cody Rhodes at Royal Rumble and not completely opposed to the brother vs. brother appeal. However, as of this writing, Goldust is not under WWE contract and there are no plans for this match at Wrestlemania. The fact people continue asking me tells me there is interest in it and no one can deny the pop at Royal Rumble.

Do you know the real reason behind the Twitter exchange between Trent Barreta and Kofi Kingston?

I asked around to see if anyone knew the reason why Trent Barreta called Kofi Kingston an "a-hole" and no one knew. "I didn't think Kofi had beef with anyone," one source commented. Your guess is as good as mine and if we find out, we'll update. You can see how it went down at this link.

With Brock Lesnar's return on WWE Raw and his subsequent "attack" on Mr. McMahon, do you see another feud with Triple H at Wrestlemania?

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 29 seems to be the direction they are going but nothing is final until it actually happens.

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  • Cody Zeller

    Kofi and Trent were friends, it was a joke.

  • This years Mania seems so predictable…Cena & HHH both get their wins back. over the 2 guys fans want to see replacing them. Punk should .

    • Loren Goldstein

      Why do you think it’s not going to be Cena/Rock II? Seems to me the way they’re going. I’m not sure why your way is predictable. I think it would be a better way to go, but not as predictable.

      • I’m sure it will be Rock vs Cena and HHH vs Brock. I’d rather it be the matches and outcomes I wrote.

    • Pluto

      Punk got too clean wins over Punk in back to back PPVs in 2011, Cena put Punk over in a big way. That’s not decisive?

      • If you mean MITB 2011 & SummerSlam 2011, those were both tainted wins. At MITB, VKM unintentionally distracted Cena, costing him the match. And at SummerSlam, Cena’s leg was on the bottom rope. My thoughts on Punk beating Cena once & for all at WM29 would be that Punk should’ve turned babyface when he found out Heyman had no faith in him and hired Maddox & The Shield to protect him.

        • Pluto

          Punk doesn’t need a clean win over Cena too turn face again (6-0-1). Punk needs a break from a title anyway, he’s feuded with everyone their is too fued with over this past year. If anything, Ziggler needs a clean win over Cena 1000000x more then Punk does too secure a top spot for good, Punk as a top spot on the card for good at this point.

        • Punk got a clean victory over Cena at the Survivor Series, sure the Shield attacked Ryback during that match but I’m pretty sure they didn’t lay a hand on Cena.

          • Just watched the ending now, and you are correct. Ryback shellshocked Cena, Shield attacked Ryback, Punk pinned Cena. Cole even said “Its triple threat rules, no dq.”

        • thebops

          I was leaning toward a re-face-turn after the Heyman revelation. Could have led to a Punk/Brock feud, leaving Rock/Cena II in Wrestlemania.

  • Cfmsu93

    This years Super Bowl drew the 3rd largest viewership in history not the first. The last two games before this years game actually drew more viewers.

  • Cfmsu93

    I know many have said this, but this years WWE title match should be Rock vs Cena vs Punk. The addition of Punk would make the match less predictable then just Rock vs Cena. The rivalry between Punk and Rock has been great as they have great chemistry.

    • Pluto

      It would still be predictable regardless of/if Punk was involved IMO. I’d rather see Punk vs Taker personally, but if Taker isn’t at Mania this year then adding him too Cena/Rock would be the next logical choice.

  • Brother vs Brother match at ‘Mania would rule. Goldust can still go as well as he ever could and Cody is at the top of his game,maybe not even yet. I don’t think that match would sell PPVs but it would certainly have a lot of support and probably praise

  • John

    I think if they are going to do the brother vs. brother match, then it has to be Cody Rhodes vs. Dustin Rhodes..Not the Goldust character. It just wouldn’t work for me.

  • Jimmy

    They should have Heyman turn on Punk now that Brock is back setting up Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk for Wrestlemania. Not too keen on seeing Lesnar/HHH again

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Kofi and Trent were friends, it was a joke.

    • Steve

      Why are you copying the most popular comments and reposting them?

  • Penmonicus

    I don’t get why anyone thinks this would be interesting. There is no heat for it. This isn’t Bret vs Owen or Eddie vs Chavo – two evenly-matched brothers [or uncle/nephew] who have grown through the business together. This is an older brother who had a very creepy and weird gimmick and had retired before the younger one even started. And now the younger brother looks to have a far more successful career ahead of him than the older brother ever did.

    If there was a big pop at the Rumble, it was purely because Goldust was a surprise entrant, as he has been at least twice in the past.

    • It would be interesting because they could play off the real life situation. Dustin grew up while Dusty was a traveling star, hardly had any real father-son time together. Dusty was retired when Cody came along, and was able to give him a real relationship. Sounds like Dustin should be jealous, and thus be heel, right? No. Here’s the perfectly logical (non-Russo) swerve. As an adult, Dustin has come to terms with it & made peace with his father, but that doesn’t excuse Cody’s obnoxious behavior for being a spoiled brat…its time big brother teaches little brother a lesson in respect.

      There ya go, instant WM program. Dustin gets one final swan song, takes a clean loss to elevate Cody (after a good slobber-knocker of a brawl), and the hatchet is buried with both men showing respect to one another.