Gimmick PPVs In WWE, Wrestlemania XXIX Tickets, Punk/Heyman Faction & Ryback, Linda McMahon's Political Career & WWE PG

It seems likely that WWE wouldn't have put so much pressure on John Cena to return to action so soon after surgery if the stipulation for the main event of the next pay-per-view was not already predetermined. Do you feel this demonstrates a knock against having stipulation-themed pay-per-views, particularly Hell In A Cell? Might WWE be better off scrapping the Hell In A Cell PPV and going back to only using the match sporadically when it is warranted, for example HHH vs. Undertaker?

The gimmicked pay-per-view has nothing to do with John Cena's return timetable and WWE already has a backup plan in Ryback should Cena not be able to go. The gimmicked pay-per-views are done to give viewers a reason to order them. Rather than hinging on name value alone, WWE surveyed fans years back and determined there was substantial interest in certain gimmicks that would motivate pay-per-view buys. I like the way WWE has done the pay-per-views by not overkilling the gimmick by only highlighting them in main events.

When do WrestleMania 29 tickets go on sale?

As we broke here on (with the help of WNW reader Kevin Eperjesi), tickets for Wrestlemania XXIX will go on sale Saturday, November 10, 2012. There should be a presale earlier that week and we'll have details before it happens.

With CM Punk being "a Paul Heyman guy", can we expect a future tag team between Punk and Brock Lesnar? After the closing segment of this week's Raw with Ryback I thought it would be an awesome idea if WWE make a match CM Punk/Brock Lesnar vs John Cena/Ryback. Are there such plans?

For the record, are you suggesting you would be for a Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback program? There is an update you need to read here on Richard's Backstage Blog. This scenario would present several problems in which I do not see a plausible outcome.

When Linda McMahon's campaign for United States Senate ends (win or lose), will this end WWE's focus on PG, politically-driven (to avoid talking points for Linda's campaign) programming and a beginning of more risqué/attitude-like content?

There is a short answer to this question; no. Vince McMahon has remained committed to PG programming because he feels it gives WWE more opportunities to spread their product across a myriad of platforms. The best hope any wrestling fan can have is that Linda McMahon won't win the race and throw in the towel to her political career.  However, given the fact she has spent tens of millions of the family fortune, I'm not sure that is something she would be willing to do.

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  • J-Dub

    How many times are you gonna have to answer the same question about Linda and WWE PG?

    • Wainwright


    • Howard Stern

      Millions and millions of times until Vince gets his head outta Linda's behind.

  • JIm

    How many times are people going to ask if the PG-era will end after Linda's campaigning?

    • SRP

      For as long as she remains in politics apparently.

      • Ken

        And rightly so. The longer she's screwing the WWE the longer people will want to know how long she'll be screwing the WWE for.

        • fan

          How is she screwing the WWE? Do you people not read the answers? PG is here to stay! It has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with money. So long as family friendly companies decide to advertise with WWE, they will do what those advertisers want.

          Doesn't anybody remember Daniel Bryan getting fired, because of the choking incident? That had nothing to do with politics, but with their company image (PG). Sure it was temporary and they knew they wanted him back, that's why they let him compete immediately after for indy promotions.

          Get real people and stop trying to blame somebody for the products direction. Blame yourselves and every WWE fan that continues to watch the product, or continues to put $ in their pockets.

          • Ken

            The choking incident had everything to do with company image, yes, which in turn has everything to do with Linda's campaign.

            Regarding the last paragraph, I haven't paid to watch a WWE product in about five years. I feel perfectly entitled to criticise the product I'm not paying to watch.

    • snap

      For however long WWE shies away from the aspects of their past which they are politically ashamed of and tries to make it seem like they never existed. The better question is how much longer are people going to allow WWE to insult their intelligence?

      WWE “claims” to have removed Attitude-era content to keep in line with their current PG image, but its certainly telling that they only felt the need to do so AFTER Linda’s opponent used such content against her. Linda cannot hide from the WWE “skeletons” as she oversaw the company up until she resigned in 2009. She’s also married to the current CEO so she will always be connected with WWE, no matter how loosely it appears in public.

      PG itself isn’t an evil concept, it’s the intelligence insulting garbage like Cena’s “PG curse rant” towards CM Punk while also invoking the PG rating every chance he gets which reduces it to the lowest common denominator. Cena doesn’t need to resort to cursing to vent on CM Punk, just as he doesn’t have to make you embarrassed to be a wrestling fan to maintain what he (or, “the writers” if he’s not ad-libbing) thinks is PG content.

      Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a PG (okay, PG-13) movie which is far more mature than what Cena has resorted to, so why should WWE be sterilized to the point of being unwatchable? For the record, I think Cena could be entertaining if it wasn’t for the completely unconvincing delivery and infantile content.

      Long story short, WWE should let Linda fight her own battles against her opponent. Their actions are only making them more associated with Linda and vice versa. Lying to us by making up cover stories to pretend their actions aren’t in response to the campaign is just disgusting.

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    Linda sucks! and does anyone know who else is rumoured to be in the Paul heymans faction?

    • James M>>>

      Zack Gowen is a possibility.

  • James88

    Would love to see the heyman faction being used to bring through NXT hopefuls…like Seth Rollins or Big E. Langston. Bray Wyatt (husky Harris) would fit perfectly in there as well!! There's so many hopefuls that could help with the lack of 'main eventers' They may not be A grade yet, but they'd help fill the roster and look good doing so.

    • Synyster

      Why not have Slater and his group be part of it after they already started attacking people. They could be sent in to do Punks dirty work.

  • Gregory Rockefeller

    I with propõe wouldn’t crucify obterá because they are simply asking a question. If Richard chose to answer it, that means its a topic that is still on the mind of many fans out there. I don’t care what Vince or anybody else says about the motive behind the PG era. The bottom line is most of us true fans know the root of it was indeed because of Linda’s decision to enter politics. But then Vince started to see how better it became money wise to continue on this path and as long as the money keeps coming in and as there is no competition (even though they are killing themselves in the ratings) Vince is gonna do whatever he wants to bring in money! You can’t really blame the guy for wanting to “have more money now” (just plugged JBL’s book lol) I have a feeling though that when HHh takes over thigs are gonna change.

    • Gregory Rockefeller

      Correcting my initial lines – “I wish people wouldn’t crucify others”

  • The Breaker

    It would have been awesome if they used the Mick Foley appearance on RAW to debut Dean Ambrose. Still, the exchange Foley had with Punk was very well done.

  • bettysteve

    Linda wants to be American royalty whats wrong with that? (president = king senator = prince the closest thing to "royalty" an American will ever get, unless they shake hands with a REAL one)

  • Matt

    I just want WWE to be a bit more edgy while still sticking to the PG rating

  • RobUK

    I’m very much beginning to tire of the PG bashing longing for the attitude era comments. I loved the attitude era, it’s was my era and I grew up with it. It was a great time for wrestling… But what if it never ended? Do you think it would still be great? Or would fans have started to tire of it? There is only so long you can do something for. Before it gets stale. Before you get use to it. I agree WWE is at that point, where it needs to develop again – but harping back to the attitude era is not the answer, and do you know why? Because the current rosta couldn’t do it. The attitude era was what it was because of the talent at the time. Rock, Austin, undertaker, michaels, HHH, Angle and more. A programme that airs weekly – 52 weeks a year needs to keep changing, it’s not a normal ‘series’ as such. Where you watch if for 6 or 7 seasons and final get the climax. It’s continuous programming all year and things need to evole. It’s never going to go back to the attitude era – and if it did, it wouldn’t be anywhere near the same. So watch WWE PG did now, if you can. Or don’t if you can’t and wait for it to change. Simple.

  • Stoney

    I would love it if Punk and Heyman's stable consisted of former ROH/TNA/Japan/independent scene guys like Antonio Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Kassius Ohno, Dean Ambrose, Xavier Woods, Rick Victor, and Luke Carter

  • John

    I think everyone needs to understand that it's not the PG rating that is making the WWE boring & stale.. the problem is that the product is being geared towards kids!

    WCW proved that wresting can be entertaining in a PG enviroment! They never relied on edgy content with half naked females & tons of cursing to beat RAW in the ratings.. Nitro was just a better show! They simply had better storylines & better wrestling! Regardless of what WCW ultimately became, they proved that PG programming can, & does, work if done right.

    If you compare WCW Nitro from the mid 90's too WWE RAW of today, (both of which were rated PG) then it's night & day in terms of quality of programming!

  • partyjereme

    Do people not realize that the WWE has been doing gimmick PPV's since at least 1987, what do you the Royal Rumble, the Survivor Series & the King Of The Ring are. Even the WWE's very first PPV The Wrestling Classic was a gimmick PPV similar to the KOTR.

    • nWo 4 Life

      Heard a rumour circulating that the heyman/cm punk stable will revolve around an islam/muslim religion in an attempt to quell the tension between westeners and ‘them people’. thus gain more political votes for linda and give viewers an insight into brain washing and what is really the truth of mohammed…

  • MegaMoe

    where is mason ryan? wont he be repackaged?

  • JasonGaza

    Welp just like sheamus, Ryback will have breakthrough push. but i dont see him taking the title from punk as of yet

  • Adam “Swipe”

    CM Punk sure seems to be doing a good job of being edgy and entertaining in the PG environment.

    • izblack

      If you call CM “here my cry & bitch about getting no respect” Punk edgy then I’d rather it wasn’t edgy. Punk has been about as edgy as watching grass grow.

  • Evon Reese

    Maybe the attitude ERA died because the wrestlers we have now are not up to attitude era par. They are not the same caliber as Stone Cold or The Rock. To put it bluntly they just don't have that attitude .

  • izblack

    Well once they take the title off of Punk things will probably get edgier, Punk’s “here me cry & complain rated PG” rants are beyond Boeing too me as well.