Girlfriends Of Orton & Lawler Attend Battleground, Jericho Promotes Album, Stephanie McMahon "Arrest" Update

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- The girlfriends of Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler sat at ringside together at Sunday's WWE Battleground pay-per-view. Below is a photo:

- Dot com has a Q&A online with Chris Jericho to promote the release of Fozzy's new "Do You Wanna Start a War" album. Click here to read it.

- WWE progressed the Stephanie McMahon arrest angle from Raw, noting she was "released on bond" early Tuesday morning. You can read the kayfabe coverage here on dot com.

  • SESRulez

    Where is the MUGSHOT ? I know is kayfabe but it will be seen more realistic if they post a fake mugshot on dot com.

    • BIG M

      I’d pay to see a Stephanie mugshot in or out of kayfabe LOL.

  • Dave Barton

    Wonder whose girlfriend is younger…Orton’s or Lawler’s?

    • Venom

      I’m guessing Lawler’s gf is on the right and she’s hotter. I dunno of she’s the same gf from when he had the heart attack. I think I remember she was there when it happened as she worked backstage.


    I Guess Venom Seeing One Of The Girls Has The RKO Shirt On!! That Should Be The Clue!1