Girlfriends Of Orton & Lawler Attend Battleground, Jericho Promotes Album, Stephanie McMahon “Arrest” Update

– The girlfriends of Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler sat at ringside together at Sunday’s WWE Battleground pay-per-view. Below is a photo:

– Dot com has a Q&A online with Chris Jericho to promote the release of Fozzy’s new “Do You Wanna Start a War” album. Click here to read it.

WWE progressed the Stephanie McMahon arrest angle from Raw, noting she was “released on bond” early Tuesday morning. You can read the kayfabe coverage here on dot com.

  • SESRulez

    Where is the MUGSHOT ? I know is kayfabe but it will be seen more realistic if they post a fake mugshot on dot com.

    • BIG M

      I’d pay to see a Stephanie mugshot in or out of kayfabe LOL.

  • Dave Barton

    Wonder whose girlfriend is younger…Orton’s or Lawler’s?

    • Venom

      I’m guessing Lawler’s gf is on the right and she’s hotter. I dunno of she’s the same gf from when he had the heart attack. I think I remember she was there when it happened as she worked backstage.


    I Guess Venom Seeing One Of The Girls Has The RKO Shirt On!! That Should Be The Clue!1