"Girls Gone Dead" Starring Jerry Lawler Available Tuesday On DVD

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"Girls Gone Dead: Unrated and Exposed" starring Jerry Lawler will be released on DVD next Tuesday. Full details on the flick are available at this link as you can pre-order the DVD here.

The movie, which has received positive reviews, is listed on the Amazon Hot New Releases page.

  • Dave Barton

    Must be a dream come true for Lawler to co-star with Ron Jeremy…you just know those two are gonna get along well.

  • Steve l

    Well that sounds awful.

  • Callum

    Sounds like a porno!

  • Kevin

    It's got Jerry Lawler and Ron Jeremy in it, and nobody else I've ever heard of. Lots of naked women and dead people. Blood everywhere. Sounds like my kind of movie! I'm so there!