GLAAD Issues Statement On Darren Young Coming Out

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Perez Hilton has coverage of Darren Young coming out on his fitness blog. In it, he includes a statement from GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz:

"Darren Young's courageous decision to speak out about being gay gives countless young LGBT people, athletes, and fans of the WWE someone to cheer for and look to. With a demonstrated commitment to anti-bullying initiatives and LGBT inclusion, the WWE has paved the way for a gay Superstar to be welcomed and supported."

Click here for coverage by Perez.

Click here for coverage by GLAAD.

  • BMGabe

    Wow Glaad actually giving the WWE praise rather than throwing pitchforks at them for barely offensive things, is quite the surprise

    • Tony Rankin

      GLAAD honestly needs to gtfo. They harped on WWE over the Billy and Chuck angle from way back, comments CM Punk said at a house show they deemed “homophobic” and John Cena when he did his Thuganomics rap on The Rock which he alluded to him being a homo. Now an individual WWE star announces he’s gay and all of a sudden “WWE is paving the way for gay stars to be welcomed”? They have kinda been doing that for a while now with their whole BAStar/No discrimination thing.

  • Nostaljack

    WWE hasn’t done *anything* yet. They’ve thrown words at it but nothing’s actually been done yet. GLAAD’s statement is incredibly premature. There’s still time, once this whole situation dies down, for Young to get buried. Of course, they won’t do that now; look at all the publicity it’s generating for WWE. For the time being, they come out of this smelling like a rose. The telling thing will be what happens to Young a few months down the line when no one’s talking about this anymore.

  • Connor

    Don’t get me wrong as a person with gay parents I’m very happy we live in a time that it’s OK for people to be openly homosexual, however I can’t agree with idea of cheering for him because he’s a gay man, cheer him because you think he’s entertaining and a good wrestler, and boo him if you don’t like his act. Sexuality should be a non-factor.

    • Xavier

      Cheer him cause he looks like black cena!!