Glenn Beck Responds To WWE's Invitation To Appear On Raw

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Following WWE extending an invitation to appear on Raw and Zeb Colter offering 5 minutes of time to give an unedited rebuttal, political commentator Glenn Beck responded on Twitter:

  • Fan

    “Anything else?” I take it he did not see the video. I hope he has the respect to retort to the video intellectually.

    • Chris

      He doesn’t, Glenn Beck is nothing more than a loud mouth windbag, who tends to be lacking any sign of male genetalia. He’s beyond a stupid political person, he’s an ignorant, arrogant, pathetic asshole.

  • Lance Uppercutt

    The offer should get opened to to when he is free

    • Mark McGinnis

      They could make it anytime and he wont show up. He has the right not too but needs to come up with a better excuse then he has anything else to do. If he is a political commentator then he needs to come up with a decent response.

  • Lance Uppercutt

    Sorry “They” and “they” being the WWE

  • Mark McGinnis

    Like the video said when they were out of character that the WWE is a entertainment company and they all play characters. This man should understand it and instead of giving a stupid answer like I am busy doing anything else. What a child. He has the right not to show up but should at least give a decent rebuttal for not showing up and not a lame excuse. This is not the first time the WWE has done a risky character and it wont be the last. He is just using the companies successes to get even more attention. If he is a political commentator then he needs to stick to real issues and not the storyline antics of a wrestling company. While we are having real issues with terrorism, immigration and many other things he is wasting his tim on fictional characters creates made to put on a show. He said wrestling fans are stupid people but to me he is the stupid one that can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. I have been watching wrestling as long as I can remember and knew by the time I was 13 it was fake. Its entertainment and not real life so grow up and deal with the real issues.

  • Get the hell out

    All u illegals get the hell out of my country