Global Force Wrestling Interested In Two Top TNA Stars

Jeff Jarrett's new Global Force Wrestling is not another independent promotion. The group has large aspirations and are looking to sign top talent across the board. In addition to Jarrett and company scouting talent with expiring contracts in Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA, they're looking to TNA Wrestling for top names.

I can confirm interest in both Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe as possible roster additions next year. Angle's contract with TNA is up in September and Joe's contract is up in December.

TNA announced over the weekend they've re-signed James Storm, so take his name out but they're about to face a significant challenge in Global Force Wrestling.

It was confirmed on Monday that Jarrett is still a part-owner of TNA as he now looks to become a competitor.

Richard Reacts: In the words of Terrell Owens, get your popcorn ready. This is going to be wild.

  • DW

    I don’t know many people that still watch TNA. But I will be paying attention to this through this site. I wonder how many Indy places are losing guys to Jarrett?

  • jdl

    It’s not going to be wild, it’s just to be small, boring and unimportant. Angle is well past his prime and Joe has never been a ratings draw. Pinching them from TNA for a wrestling start up that is unlikely to get a quality TV deal is nothing exciting.

  • Jeff Elliott

    Behold!!! The Thursday night war begins!!!

  • Mario

    It’s really obvious that they are both past their prime and Angle also had his share of injuries .