Global Force Wrestling Partners With Australian And New Zealand Wrestling Promotions

Global Force Wrestling just released an official press release on their website this morning announcing that they have secured more partnerships with wrestling promotions and this time it reaches out to Australia and New Zealand. Below is the official press release:

NASHVILLE — Global Force Wrestling has extended its borders again, this time reaching Australia and New Zealand.

PWA Australia out of Sydney (www.pwaaustralia.com), WrestleClash out of Melbourne (www.wrestleclash.com.au), Riot City Wrestling out of Adelaide (www.riotcitywrestling.com), Explosive Pro Wrestling out of Perth (www.epwperth.com) and Impact Pro out of Auckland (www.impactprowrestling.co.nz) are the latest promotions worldwide to agree to partner with GFW.

GFW now has partnerships in Mexico, Japan, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

“It seemed like a natural progression to reach out Down Under,” GFW founder and CEO Jeff Jartett said. “Professional wrestling has a solid fan base throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we’re pleased to have an opportunity to bring that product to America.

“All of our agreements just go to show the popularity of wrestling around the world. Wherever you go you can find athletes putting on great shows for their dedicated fans.”

Australian native and international TV star Rove McManus is excited to see his mates #JointheForce.

““I have witnessed firsthand some of the fantastic talent we have Down Under, and I believe the time is right to start showing the world why they breed us Aussies tough” McManus said. “Some of the best entertainers in the world have learned their craft in Australia and I have no doubt we have some of the best professional wrestlers in the world right at our doorstep.”

  • Smark Twain

    Oh look another GFW partnership.

    • Robinescence

      There seems to be a report of some “partnership” every five seconds. Now, how about that TV deal?

      • Bob’s Diner

        Or an actual wrestling show – this is supposed to be a wrestling promotion, after all

        • Moose

          It’s looking to be a fantasy wrestling league until they have an actual show.

          • Robinescence

            Agreed. These ridiculous (Global Farce partners with…) announcements are getting old. Until they *at least* run a show, they don’t really even exist.

          • Moose

            First of all, I am alcohol fueled at the moment so forgive my memory, but who all has officially signed with GFW?

  • Undecided Voter

    As a kiwi, i’m quite intrigued by this. Although I prefer KPW to IPW in NZ Wrestling.

    KPW has “the brute” who I thoroughly enjoy watching and some other good talent.

  • Vic Jose

    They can partner with every company in the world, it won’t mean much if they don’t launch.