Goldberg Not TNA's Signing, Daniels Interview, Kenny King Speaks

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Goldberg Not TNA's Big Signing

Bill Goldberg has made it more than clear on Twitter that he's not TNA's big free agent signing. I'll have more on the signing later.

Daniels Interviews

Christopher Daniels has been on a media blitz to promote TNA Slammiversary XI. You can listen to three interviews at the following links - Mike and Billy Show, LAW Radio and 5 For Foley.

Kenny King Speaks has an interview with TNA X Division Champion Kenny King online at this link.

  • Chris

    Just posted my “long shot” idea on who the big “free agent” will be on the TNANews site. I think we may be seeing a new career for Brian Urlacher.

  • Nostaljack

    This isn’t going to be anything big. Those thinking it is are about to be sorely disappointed. No one on Twitter is going to be honest. They’re going to kayfabe – it’s their job. This will be someone that’s already been there. Some have been saying RVD and they’re probably right.

    • Xavier

      My money is on it being Michael Tarver

      • Nostaljack

        I still say it’s either RVD, Chuck Palumbo or…wait…wait…maybe they’ll go way back and…oh, I can hear it now…King Kong Bundy!!!!

  • Kris Mystery


  • John

    I know who it is! It’s Barack Obama!

  • Nostaljack

    LOL @ Victor!!! Gillberg…ROFL!!!!