Goldberg On A Potential WWE Return At WrestleMania & Hall Of Fame Induction

Goldberg appeared at the Legends of Wrestling Night in Miami, Florida, and took some time to answer some big questions regarding his potential future in WWE. When asked about a WWE return at WrestleMania, Goldberg responded:

I don't know where that rumor came from. Have I spoken to [WWE] at times? Absolutely. Is my DVD coming out? Yes. Am I going to the WWE to be at WrestleMania? No. But there’s 8 months till WrestleMania, right? So at this moment I can tell you I am not planning to be there by any stretch of the imagination. But you never know, things could change.”

On whether he is interested in a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction:

I don't know. To me, does it mean that I've accomplished great things in wrestling? Absolutely not. Is it something that, before I die, I have to strike off my bucket list? Absolutely not. If it was offered to me, I'd seriously consider it. But is it something that I'm longing for? You know, my life is not complete until I'm in the WWE Hall of Fame? You know, I love Pete Rose to death, but Pete Rose is in the Hall of Fame. He didn't put asses in seats like I did. Maybe on the baseball field - for sure - but you know. So the answer's no.

He also shows remorse for the infamous kick to Bret Hart, talks wrestlers trying out MMA, and more. The interview is available at this link, or embedded below:

  • Matt

    He’s always seed a very genuine guy. I’m fortunate enough to have had the off twitter conversation with him and he’s a very honest, open and incredibly nice guy.

    • Danny_Boy

      Goldberg is a jackass who refused to put other people over, he’s a very selfish self centered individual. I met him several years back and he came off as a horrible person. He’s despicable

      • PFElton

        What a Chris Jericho koolaid-drinker.

        • Danny_Boy

          I met Goldberg back in 2001 way before Jericho whooped his ass. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what a massive douche Goldberg was/is in person. I’m sure Goldberg is still your hero though, sorry I burst your bubble.

          • PFElton

            Are you Darren Young for me or something?

          • Joe_HTH

            You never met anyon liar, and Jericho can float as many BS stories as he wants to. He couldn’t beat Goldberg in his dreams.

            Stop believing everything you read on the internet.

      • Joe_HTH

        You didn’t meet anyone. You’re just a lying twat. You know absolutely nothing about Bill Goldberg, so do everyone a favor and shut up.

  • rbg yogi

    THATS who bought the Marlins jersey!

  • Splat

    I hate the celebrity wing of the WWE hall of fame.

  • Lebron James

    Say what you want about Goldberg, but he’s probably the greatest powerhouse of all time. He legit made me fear for his opponents, I always thought there was no way he would lose, and at the end of the day that was his job, and he did it great! He wasn’t half as bad in the ring as people make him out to be, and fact of the matter is he sold tickets. So Goldberg is great in my book. If he ever decides to return for one more match, I’m definitely watching.

    • PFElton

      Well said, Goldberg is the greatest powerhouse of all-time. When I added Goldberg to my list of people who deserve 3 PWI 500 #1 spots off the top of my head, someone questioned it. Fact is, even though he wasn’t a multipurpose wonder like Michaels or Guerrero Goldberg looked DAMN GOOD doing whatever he was doing.

      • Danny_Boy

        Horribly said, Goldberg sure didn’t look good when he got his ass beat in a real life shoot by Jericho. Goldberg was/is/will always be overrated! Goldberg in PWI? That statement alone is laughable, you just lost all credibility as a wrestling fan with that one. But you know what, I hope they bring his goofy ass back so they can job him out to Darren Young.

        • PFElton

          Oh gee, I’m so glad you’ve been able to judge my fandom based totally on your worthless opinion.

          By the way, asscheese, Jericho said all he did was put Goldberg in a hold until he calmed down and the whole thing was overblown.

          • Danny_Boy

            By the way Pee-Boy, Goldberg is still an overrated ass clown, like yourself, Goldberg is done and washed up. Enjoy reliving the past.

        • Joe_HTH

          LOL! Another clueless asshat who believes that BS Jericho story. Bill Goldberg would tear Jericho in half. There was no fight. There was only some pushing and yelling.

    • frostbite

      i agree well said

  • Xavier

    He will never be Cena!

    • Hardy

      You’re right because he is Goldberg 🙂