Goldberg Says He'd Agree To A Wrestlemania Match Against Brock Lesnar

Jim Ross wrote on Twitter that Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 would be "miraculous" but "highly unlikely." Goldberg responded to the Tweet by saying, "......I'd do it"

It didn't take long to get speculation going crazy before Goldberg wrote the following:

  • Patrick_Peralta

    no thanks Bill your last match with Lesner sucked. it was no where as good as it should have been.

    • Frenchfry

      oh shutup, seriously

      • Matt Scott

        Why!? He’s right. It sucked. Only marks and goofs enjoyed that crap.

        • Wwe4L76

          Matt… I Saw it with your mom, and she LOVED it

        • Paul

          It was one of the most anticipated and most disappointing matches I’ve ever had the misfortune of wasting my life with…

  • Ryan

    After last time I really hope it doesn’t happen! Build up to the match was good. But the match itself was dogshit

  • Bault16


  • Brian H

    Id watch it. If its not like WM 20 that is lol

  • Only if Stone Cold stuns Bill out of the arena

  • Dave L

    I just watched their last match today, Sad that the rumors of Lesnar going back to the NFL and It being Goldbergs last match destroyed what could have been a classic match, Stonecold got the most pops during the entire event. If the two did decide to Re-sign with the WWE for a long term a match at wrestlemania to "redeem" themselves would be worth it!

  • Kyle

    Someone is forgetting how bad his first match with Brock was. I actually don't care if Goldberg ever comes back to the WWE. Goldberg in WCW was magic in a bottle, but that magic was released and can never been gotten back.

  • Chris_Storm

    Great! Just great! Take another payday away from some guys who really deserve it and have a heart for the business just to be a black mark on an otherwise good card (assuming the card is a good one). I have no desire to watch those two "mail it in" again, and won't order the show if they are on it together.

  • David

    Sorry Billy, you can’t wrestling worth crap. Tell that to your son!

  • Person

    I don’t know what u guys r talking about. Goldberg vs Brock would be an epic match to relive

    • Matt Scott

      I’m on the app, but can only assume that’s got a tonne of thumbs down.

    • Alex

      Relieve it?????? Did you see the first match between the two at 20? What do you want to relive about it?

  • alvaro

    who in the world is goldberg? I remember a guy named gilberg but was a joke of a wrestler. Cant be that one. I didnt watch wcw as i dont watch tna now.

    • scorpio21

      Gilberg was wwe making fun of Goldberg,he was supposed to be a joke.

    • Matt Scott

      Tell me you’re not serious?

    • Paul

      He did a year in wwe aswell?

  • ken

    I'd rather watch an Ironman Match featuring Hornswoggle vs Kermit the Frog. I'd rather listen to Michael Cole sing a duet with Justin Beiber. I'd rather watch an entire WrestleMania in Spanish. Wait; I did that already. And it was WrestleMania XX.
    My point is… Goldberg vs Lesnar part 2 = HELL NO!

  • Dave Barton

    Their first match had great build, but before the match even started the fans knew both were leaving & decided that they were going to sh*t all over it, regardless. And having Austin stun both after the match only gave the idea that neither man was that important to begin with.

    But more importantly, regardless of whether their first match was 1-star or 5-stars, I really think most of today’s WWE fans barely know who Bill Goldberg is & just wouldn’t care. Brock Lesnar would undoubtedly be a big draw, but not against Goldberg.

    • Wwe4L76

      The match at XX sucked. But you cant say that goldberg will not draw money?! Are you sirious bro!!!!?!

  • Andy

    I'd watch it.

  • Jamie

    The highlight reel for the last match was more enjoyable than the match itself…
    Why would Goldberg vs Lesnar 2 be any different?

  • rkoturner11

    I think their first match was great. The build up was spectacular and it was a classic big strong man match. A test of strength the whole time because they were so equal it was very interesting and entertaining.

    • Alex

      I'm going to pretend you're being sarcastic.

  • Jeremy

    Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar again at WrestleMania would be great if it was book right, the mistake last time at WMXX was because of Stone Cold been in the match as a special guest referee. So instead of the crowd focusing on Goldberg and Lesnar, they actually focus more on Stone Cold though for a second WrestleMania match, I rather have him wrestle Triple H, Kane, or maybe the Undertaker at WrestleMania instead.

    • Alex

      Are you kidding? Austin was the only reason that match wasn't completely forgotten by the world. Goldberg vs Brock was a worse wrestlemania match than Cole/Lawler, Hart/McMahon, or even Undertaker/Giant Gonzales. Go to youtube and watch that match again. I mean really watch it and tell us again its the greatest WM match of all time. Build don't mean anything if the end result turns out to be terrible. Just look at Orton/HHH at WM 25, that was an awesome build up but I think most people would agree that the actual match turned out to be the worse World Title Main Event at Mania ever.

  • nWo 4 Life

    Goldberg vs lesnar part two…
    wat abt miz vs cena again, i luv my nancy Boys wrestling Again…. Ahhh miss the good old days of brute force, crazyness and plots…

  • Mike

    If Goldberg was going to face anyone it shouldn’t be leaner cause leaner is a terrible washed up NFL player and went to the UFC and cried like a girl every match xcept one. In reality goldberg should face Orton “the legend killer” since Goldberg IS a legend. But if I had a choice it would be against the New and Improved Kane.

  • wwe fan 250611