Goldberg Talks About The Release Of His Autobiography, Life After Wrestling, And More

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Former WCW Champion Goldberg appeared Saturday to meet with fans for autographs and pictures. While he was there, he answered questions from The Observer. Goldberg was asked about writing his autobiography, "I'm Next", and he replied by saying:

"Writing the book was awesome. I have always wanted to write a book," Goldberg said. "My brother went on the road with me for three weeks, which almost killed him. He was able to experience what we went through.

"I didn't want a ghost writer, I wanted to write it myself, and so he and I wrote it together," Goldberg added. "It took us a long period of time to write, but I wanted something that was in my own words and something people could easily read. I think we accomplished that and I think we will come out with another one in the next year or two. It's just a chance for people to see that I'm a normal guy."

He also discussed what his life has been like after he finished his wrestling career:

"Life post-wrestling for me is just trying to live out my dream," he said. "It's all about family and I'm just lucky to be me. I'm lucky that things kind of worked out right. The car stuff I really enjoy, coming out to small towns and doing events like this I really enjoy, I can't do enough of it."

The full response and the entire interview can be seen here.

  • _JIM_

    This guy is just flushing money down the toilet by not being under contract somewhere and still wrestling. Especially while he’s still able. Hope he doesn’t wait too long and then decide to come back. That’d be a bad move.

  • [email protected]

    You said he wrestled…LOL!

  • Tony P.

    He’s not coming back. Get it through your head, he’s done with wrestling. He was horrible anyway.