Goldberg To TNA Update - Is There A Chance A Deal Could Get Done?

Some people have been confused why TNA would want Crimson referencing Goldberg given the very small chance Goldberg would actually come to the company to work. However, I'm told TNA is actually in talks with Goldberg yet again.

As for the seriousness of the negotiations, it's believed Bill is the "most serious" he's been at any time TNA has contacted him previously and he realizes if he is ever going to do it, his window is starting to close. The two sides are still "very far apart on money" but the gap is believed to be smaller than it has been in the past as Bill's asking price has come down.

If a deal did get done, Goldberg's contract would be for a very limited number of dates. One source believes it would be two dozen appearances max, maybe a little less. I'm told if a deal were to get done, TNA would be looking for him to come in around October and it would be for a year.

While things look better than they have in the past, my source said they would be "very surprised" if a deal actually got done although it's worth noting talks are taking place.

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    Ry-Back…Ry-Back….errr Gold-Berg…..

  • smithmiester

    Typical TNA, bring in a FORMER star to fleece them of there cash! Why don’t they just push stars such as Samoa joe, Eric young, aj styles etc. so frustrating.

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