Goldberg's WWE Run, Steve Austin & Kevin Nash, Brodus Clay, Otunga Update

Was Goldberg's WWE Run Successful?

WWE has a new article titled "Was Goldberg's WWE run successful?" Below is the conclusion of the article:

There was a lot more to Goldberg than the three pronged attack of spear, Jackhammer, pin, but there always seemed to be an unwillingness to accept that. Did crowds love Goldberg? Hell yeah. The man adapted to and excelled in sports-entertainment with preternatural abilities. His aggressiveness was addictive. Plus he was a flat-out beast, right there alongside the likes of Brock Lesnar, Batista and Ryback as a true freak specimen of the ring. But most folks loved Goldberg for what he once was — not what he became.

Goldberg beat The Rock and Kane during his time in WWE and defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, but by the time he showed up in Madison Square Garden to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX, WWE fans were booing him. The New York City crowd was disappointed that this would be his last night in the company as much as they were disappointed that Goldberg was not the Superstar they’d imagined him to be.

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Quick Hit News Bits

- Steve Austin hosted Kevin Nash on his podcast at this link.

- The Tampa Tribune ran a piece on "No One Lives" with Brodus Clay that featured quotes from the wrestler-turned-actor. You can read it at this link.

- has a new article online featuring quotes from David Otunga. You can read it at this link.

  • darqmojo

    its definatley live cuz i heard Bully drop an F bomb!

  • Kleck

    The link to the Austin podcast doesn’t work on my iPhone. What is the name of his podcast?

  • Argus

    I think Goldberg was booked horribly in the WWE. I feel like they jobbed him in about 75% of his matches (especially to Triple H). It got to the point where he just felt like another generic guy from WCW that they wanted to bury for where he made his name, instead of using the great persona that he had before.

    • sir-rusty82

      Do you relise that jobbed to a guy normally means losing cleanly like what Richard talks about with the IC and US champs these days do all the time, back then HHH never won a match without interferance from Evolution especially against Goldberg & Goldberg beat him for the title so how is that a job and the other 75% who were they against the Rock & Brock…………..hang on didnt he win against both of them oh I guess HHH, Rock & Brock were just nobodys in the buisness. I dont know about what happened behind the scenes to make him leave but in my opinion WWE gave him the ball & same as Brock Lesnar they dropped & ran. Please give me some examples in how he was booked horribly & who else he jobbed to seeing that there were obviously so many or stop being a mark unless you have something to go on

      • Curvychloe

        Goldberg was only pinned twice,in 2003 summerslam elimination chamber after he pinned orton,jericho,michaels HHH hit him with a sledgehammer and won,and he lost to HHH in a triple threat match involving Kane,Kane chokeslammed him and Goldberg pinned him. he mopped HHH 3 times, their match at unforgivin didnt even last 10 mins,he beat Rock,jericho,Kane,batista,orton,and lesner all clean including HHH 3 times

        • sir-rusty82

          DANM that is an impressive resume for someone who only stayed in WWE for less than a year. The only reason he lost those 2 matches was to start a fued with HHH & to loose the title before mania because he was leaving so how anyone can say Goldberg got jobbed in 75% of his matches needs to do their home work & stop being a mark

  • Stones

    Goldberg’s streak would’ve had a bit more meaning if he faced people like Chris Benoit, sting, ddp, and I wish Jericho (before he won the us and world titles of course). He seemed to be only facing jobbers, mid-carders and has Beens.

    • I’m 90% positive he faced both Page and Sting.

      • Stones

        Before he won the United States championship I’m talking about. I know he faced sting and ddp in 1998 and 1999

      • opie

        And lost to Sting in a televised match on Saturday Night during the early part of the streak. Supposedly he lost a couple of others, too.

      • Curvychloe

        He beat page at halloween havoc 1998 and beat sting on a sept 1998 addition of Nitro.So yeah

  • Shaun

    Golberg’s booking was terrible, Steiner also suffered from the same fate as did RVD & Booker T, it’s almost like WWE wanted to make an example of them & show how their own superstars were superior.

    • sir-rusty82

      Umm how did they make the wwe stars look superior to Goldberg, he beat Rock in his 1st match he beat HHH (the face of raw at the time)for the title & beat Brock (the one that has everything fed to him on a silver spoon & was making a hell of an impact in wwe) on the grandest stage of them all. I wish some people would just think instead of just hating on the wrestling industry & if you hate it so much & have been watching it since Goldberg was there why the hell are you still watching it or even commenting on wrestling sites