Goldust Nervous At Royal Rumble, WWE Backing Off International Market, El Generico Update

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- Goldust discussed being nervous at Royal Rumble and his ultimate goal of a Wrestlemania match against Cody Rhodes at this link. As noted, Goldust worked under a per shot and is not under a new WWE contract.

- WWE has backed off touring in Mexico due to a declining economy, TV ratings and piracy. Their tour of the country in May 2012 was considered a failure with low attendance and the company is looking to penetrate other, more prosperous international markets.

- El Generico (real name Rami Sebei) is scheduled to report to NXT Wrestling in February 2013 as he's past his physical and baseline testing, making his developmental contract official.

  • Benjamin

    I think Goldust will be waiting a while for a match with Cody. It doesn’t look like Cody Rhodes is going to be featured to prominently on the WrestleMania card this year. If they do decide to scrap the MITB PPV and have a Money in the Bank Ladder match at WM29 then I think he would be in that.

    Actually here is my dream, (but realistic) card for WrestleMania this April:

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match

    Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett vs.The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro (although I have other plans for Antonio which you’ll see in a bit).

    Ryback vs. Big Show

    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

    -Dolph Ziggler cashes in either before making it a Fatal-Four Way or most likely after the match

    Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

    United States Championship Match

    Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Chris Jericho.

    Seems unlikely given Antonio’s whole no American can beat him thing he has going on and well Jerichos Canadian so yeah, but i’d still love to see this match. Alternatively Jericho could face Ziggler, yeah I know another re-match but seems to be the trend of this years card so why not?

    Street Fight

    Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H

    I did hear what I thought could be a good idea aswell for this match in making it Hell in a Cell, given its basically Triple H’s match and well Brock did beat people up inside a cage for a few years. Plus it’s needed to blow off this feud once and for all. However, I still think it will be a Street Fight / No DQ match.

    The Undertaker vs. Cm Punk (with Paul Heyman)

    WWE Championship Match

    The Rock (c) vs. John Cena

    • KingKongBrody

      Jericho was born on Long Island his father played for the Rangers last time I checked we still are part of the USA

      • Benjamin

        Oh yeah, I always just think of him as being from Winnipeg, but now that you mention it I remember reading that in his book. Guess Cesaro v Jericho could work in that scenario afterall

  • RJR


    • JRJ

      Do you travel the world over looking for grammatical errors to correct?

      • RJR

        Clever handle. But seriously, no, I’m less interested in grammatical errors and typos and more interested in subtle irony. Such as spelling errors on a website that frequently uses the sentence: “Remember questions with proper grammar and spelling stand the best chance of getting answered.” That’s what really does it for me! Thanks for your concern, however. 🙂

  • I’m real scared for El Generico. Because I think the WWE will destroy his great gimmick & reputation. Not to mention, when they’ll give him yet another terrible ring name. I really hope I’m wrong about this and they’ll let him keep his mask.

  • El generico is exactly the type of wrestler WWE will repackage. C M Punk is the one lucky exception WWE missed out on ruining