Goldust's Resurgence, Hogan Back To WWE?, Cena Restores Word Title, Performance Center Tours

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What is your perspective on Goldust's current work in WWE?

Goldust is having the best stint of his career in 2013. I realize he's won other titles and has been in the business for 23 years but I'll argue that today, he's taken more seriously than he has been in his entire career. It's actually quite phenomenal when you sit back and think about it. After all these years the chips have finally aligned for him and not only for his good, but also to help elevate Cody Rhodes. This is also the sentiment shared by many in the WWE locker room. His work has been off the charts and I've already made a strong case that he understands how to play his character as good as anyone on the WWE roster. I'm not saying Goldust is in line for a world title run but this late-career resurgence is one I'm rooting for like never before.

Do you think that Hulk Hogan has a deal with WWE?

This is a story everyone is trying to get ahead of and the rumors escalated off a report by I cannot confirm this report as of this writing and haven't mentioned it until now. Since I've received a lot of questions about Hogan returning to WWE, let me tell you what I do know. Hulk Hogan had an option attached to his TNA contract for another year, however, TNA wanted to "sign him to an extension," which was basically a way of asking him to take a pay cut for more years on his deal. Hogan was not receptive to taking less money and felt he still had value in the eyes of WWE. Regardless of what Eric Bischoff claims, Hogan in WWE 2K14 was one of the first steps in Hogan re-building the bridge for him back to WWE. However, let's also be clear - Hogan didn't think TNA would actually decline the option to his contract and they did. This left Hogan a "free agent," which is his status currently. Now Hogan is clearly interested in returning to WWE and sources within WWE indicate there is obviously interest from the McMahon machine. The question seems to indicate - what would Hogan's role be in WWE? I was told WWE wanted something that would feature him on television but used primarily for merchandise and licensing. Hogan's camp claims he wants John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX. So that's where we are - Hogan is interested and WWE is interested. The issue is now, what would a Hogan to WWE deal look like? The Examiner report claims Hogan and WWE have a verbal agreement. Let me remind you what a verbal agreement looks like in the wrestling business - Lex Luger, who verbally agreed to re-sign with the WWF, debuted live on WCW Monday Nitro on September 4, 1995.

Now that John Cena is the World Heavyweight Champion, does that mean WWE is finally giving both world titles equal importance?

This topic always brings me back to a point Adam Wacker made in an article here on back in May. The champion defines the championship, the title doesn't define the worker. No one is going to look at the World title as second-tier with John Cena holding it, a point he made in a recent interview. So Cena as World Heavyweight Champion absolutely helps with the prestige of the belt but how it's treated after Cena will determine its standing.

Does WWE offer tours through their Performance Center?

The WWE Performance Center is not open to the public at this time. There has been a lot of talk about developing a WWE tourist attraction in Orlando that will operate as the company's physical Hall of Fame. WWE was in negotiations with Universal Studios about bringing it there, however, they wanted exclusive rights to the park. Universal wouldn't give them exclusive rights if they wouldn't agree to tape a show there. Now that TNA has returned, it remains to be seen if WWE will still push to have their Hall of Fame in the same park as TNA Wrestling.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2010: Jonathan Coachman now works for ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. If you watch any of the ESPN networks you will probably see him at some point. I certainly do not blame Coachman for pursuing a career in sports broadcasting as there are very few things that could take me away from my position here at Wrestling News World but it would be hard for me to turn down a position with ESPN.

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  • Xavier

    I have no problem with Hogan returning to the WWE. The WWE is the place that Hogan along with Vince built. I shake my head when I see people come on the net and completely s*** on him seeing how the IWC nor anything else in wrestling exist in it’s current format without Hogan, people seem to forget everything this man has done for this business, he single handily sparked the two biggest booms in the history of the business. Hogan in the 80s was probably bigger then Austin, Rock & Cena combined, like seriously he was that big time. Chances are that wrestling would still be a regional/territory thing if Hogan doesn’t come along. Hogan is to wrestling what Motown was to R&B, what Babe Ruth was to Baseball, what Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Elvis & The Beatles were to Rock & Roll, what Michael Jackson was to MTV, VH1, BET, Pop & modern day music videos and so on and so one you get my drift. So with all that being said he has more then earned the right to be return. However I will say that Hogan vs Cena at Mania is a bad idea though. Would it be a huge spectacle, I’m sure it would but I think Hogan in any match that goes longer then 7 minutes would be a complete disaster at this point. His mind may be willing but at the age 60 his body wouldn’t.

    • Monty

      Still thinks he has some matches in him…..And taking the title away from Cena..

      • David F.

        Hogan just had serious back surgery and I wonder if it would be wise to put him in a match at this stage of his life. I hope he proves me wrong but I have my doubts he can work an actual match

    • Cubed56

      Couldn’t agree more. Whether you love or hate hogan, you can’t deny the guy is the cornerstone of the two biggest wrestling booms in history. As far as him returning to wwe, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in some capacity, but I agree absolutely not against cena at WM XXX, as I honestly feel the only program for cena is undertaker, but time will tell what happens with him. Hogan in a special referee appearance would honestly be the only in ring work I’d like to see him do, other then promos, as like you said, his body at 60 couldn’t handle a match over 10 minutes. Enjoy raw tonight, as I will be unable to watch, as I’ll be at the Packers/Bears MNF game.

      • Xavier

        I’m jealous lol. What’s the weather suppose be like at game time?

    • EricDraven86

      I agree with everything you said except one thing. Hogan wasn’t single handedly responsible for the 80’s boom. There were four people responsible for that: Hogan, Piper, Lauper, and Mr. T. Hogan kept the fire burning after the other three were gone/cooled down, but it was those 4 that got it as hot as it was.

  • RockVegas

    Bringing back Hogan would be interesting, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him back as long as it isn’t overdone. The question I have is how would they re-introduce him? Would they make it a big spectacle and promote it like crazy? Or would they try and keep it under wraps and wait up until the music hits? I hope it would be the latter. There’s nothing better than being 100% genuinely surprised at something happening on the shows. Seems to be happening less these days unfortunately.

    • Xavier

      Imagine if Hogan was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, the roof would blow off the place.

      • RockVegas

        No doubt! But at the same time, I could see them bringing him back on free tv. There’s all this talk of Vince getting more involved with creative recently and it wouldn’t surprise me if he all of a sudden showed up on a Monday night. Lots of eyes would switch over to Raw after the blowup that would cause on social media.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yeah, but we have the internet now, so most likely we would know…even if it is suppose to be a surprise.

  • _JIM_

    Hogan as a GM on RAW could work. Or as a mouthpiece for a new nWo trying to take over the company that Hogan built would be a cool idea. There’s a million different things that they could do with him, and I see no reason that anyone should have a problem with him being there.

    • smark calloway

      No no no no NO !!.. There should be no new nwo brought back in any way shape or form ..the nwo is one shark that has been jumped over to death’s had it’s time , it’s dead and buried now

      • Xavier


      • _JIM_

        It’s pro-wrestling man. EVERYTHING has been done a million times. DX was used and used way more than the nWo ever was. The nWo gimmick was never given a fair shake in WWE, and was only around for about 6-months. It would be a good vehicle for Hogan to have something to do there imo. Having the hall of famer or the popular veteran come in and be the GM is extremely over used and boring by now. I’d just like them to do something creative with Hogan if he’s back and putting a group around him as a heel trying to take over the company that “he built” would be a way of doing that. Something different and not just the red and yellow.

        • smark calloway

          theres a reason the nwo wasnt around for long in 2002 and thats because people didnt want to see it anymore. the people wanted to see the red and yellow hulk hogan ( and popped huge when he went back to red and yellow in those days ).if hulk came back now as anything other than the red and yellow hulk hogan they know and love, it will get sh*t on by the fans …its the same as when bret hart came back to wwe..if he came back as something different than the pink and black wearing hitman character they know and love then they would be like ” what the hell is this ? “……red and yellow hulk is known the world over , it is marketable , it is a brand and creates money still ( when he is not overexposed ) bring him back as anything other than that wouldnt make sense, business wise …. there was an nwo reformation in tna back in 2010 – ” the band ” and that did nothing for ratings or business, the nwo glory days have been and gone and unlike dx ,people got sick of the nwo it had overstayed its welcome… also as for a new hulk led nwo faction raging against the mcmahon machine.. we already had the hulk vs mcmahon – ” i created wwe, no i created wwe ” feud 10 years ago and that got settled at with a match between the two at wm 19 …if hulk comes back i think he will just make a few appearances here and there ( a la bret hart and ric flair ) or maybe come down and help a face like a santino if they are in any trouble , than pose in the ring with them afterwards to leave the fans happy his age and with his decaying crippled body theres not much he can do other than that

  • David

    First of all in regards to Hogan he belongs in WWE and there is always some type of role for him. Obviously him being a full time wrestler is not a good idea or an option but a match with Cena at Wrestlemania 30 – I think he can pull it off. It’s not like Cena wrestles a difficult style or anything. And this could actually be a real retirement match. Hogan without WWE didn’t work. Him resigning with TNA might have brought him a little bit more short term money working on a regular basis but with all of the merchandising opportunities with WWE even if he isn’t a regular weekly character is a huge moneymaker. I’m not sure if the GM role would fit him in WWE but we’ll see if anything even happens. At this point they both could benefit from a relationship with each other and it’s fitting as Hogan gets older to finish up with WWE.

    As for Goldust he is doing an amazing job and I hope he sticks around for a while. I’m not completely 100% on Cody being able to take advantage of it when Goldust is gone but I hope he can. Cody is solid in the ring – I think his charisma is an issue and his character is kind of generic and stale – the total opposite of Goldust! A lot of WWE guys could benefit from being like Goldust living his character. I have to say though that one of the reasons he stands out now more than before is the lack of roster depth and lack of characters. But I hope he sticks around and he is a huge part of WWE at the moment. If he can rub off on some others and get them to elevate their game we all win. That’s why I hate when the WWE brings back legends only to job them out or make them look weak. Some of them can still go and I wish they would give them a chance.

    • the arbiter

      Codys current character is bland, I would agree. But he has shown, as “dashing” cody rhodes and “the phantom of the opera” Cody rhodes that he can play a gimmick and do it well.

      Those gimmicks werent exactly great but he did a solid job with them.

  • Guille20008

    Thanks Richard for answering my question. So… What would you recommend a wrestling fan to do in Orlando? When do TNA announce dates for January?

  • ldb

    have Linda as “The Devil” . Then Hulk to back Big Show againt HHH &Steh.No wrestling from him though. Just a personality.

  • John

    I hope Hogan doesn’t come back to TNA, however i expect he will. They’ve got to have someone to “re-sign” AJ Styles right…?

    • Noel

      TNA can’t afford Hogan, so he’s WWE bound at WM30

      • Noel

        AJ Styles has reigned with TNA it’s why he’s champion..

        • Grandiose

          No he hasn’t AJ has a temporary contract for the remaining year, he doesn’t have a contract past the end of Dec.

          • Noel

            TNA, is AJ Styles best option he’s going nowhere

      • John

        TNA can’t afford Hulk Hogan? Is this the same Hulk Hogan who just danced around in a thong? He will do anything for money so TNA aren’t going to have to break the bank to sign him.

        He will be back in TNA.

  • Charles

    Unless John Cena turns full blown heel he’s not about to beat up a 60 year old legend at the biggest show of the year.
    Hogan should wrestle The Undertaker or maybe Ric Flair in a “better late than never” match at Wrestlemania XXX.

    • JaMaal

      I’m sure the same was said about Shawn Michaels facing Ric Flair at XXIV. He tried putting on a heel character but to no avail. Fans just wanted to see a proper retirement and who better than Shawn Michaels to help deliver it?

  • yuppy

    Hogan Vs Cena. Viagra on a pole match. Book it Vince.

  • Grandiose

    Seeing how awful Del Rio was, almost anyone could have brought prestige back, nothing like throwing Cena back into the fan’s faces…did they not get after his last two title reigns that we like differences and people who can continue to character develop instead of being the same stale. 1 promo is hardly character development when prior to that you haven’t been different in years.

  • Jimmy

    The vault question today, Richard hinting that he’s been offered a job by ESPN and about to leave? 😛 Maybe just some rumblings about Coachman hehe.

  • Philip Thompson

    I fully expect his ‘real american’ music to hit and for him to come in and attack/end Zeb Coulter’s group at some stage – much like he did with Mohammed Hassan.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Why couldn’t WWE have a physical Hall of Fame in the same park as TNA’s taping studio? WWE already has advertising on Spike TV DURING the Impact shows.