Graphic Photo Of Austin Aries Following TNA Sacrifice Match Against Bully Ray

Dixie Carter posted the following graphic photo of Austin Aries on Twitter following his match against Bully Ray at tonight's TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view:

Photo credit: Dixie Carter Twitter

  • Dangerous Lee

    LOL at "graphic" photo.

  • Josh

    That's graphic???!????!?!??!?!?

  • TopherRulez

    Sure enough….. Proof finally….. Wrestling is FAKE

    • AJG316

      Are you serious bro, if anything this helps up support the arguement that wrestling is real. It may b scripted but it is real. These guys go out their every day 4 our entertainment while putting their life's on the line, while risking it all. RESPECT THESE MEN DAMNIT

    • Dawsy

      Why would you come on to a wrestling site just to say that, we arn't stupid and it's not fake, it's Pre-planned, there's a HUGE difference

    • christopher525

      But it's still real to you, damnit.

    • Dave Barton

      17 ppl didn't get your sarcasm…I did.

    • Topherrulez

      Yes, this was sarcasm…. I was there. That was totally uncalled for, for AA to take that kinda hit. Would have been the best match of the night without the bump.

  • Hitman310

    i was expecting a busted open head bleeding like crazy.

  • Booth

    I expected blood, that is just bruises!

  • LizzyRKO

    At least it isn't worse

  • Crysknife

    Graphic????? Hahahahahhaha. I've seen more damage on a person assaulted by a paper plane.

  • lasagnefacearsecoacl

    WTF is graphic abt that ?

  • Jim

    What's so "graphic" about a pic of Aries' back? I find it some what alarming that today's society has deemed it necessary that a picture of some dudes back, with a few nasty scratches on it, has to be labeled as being graphic.

  • Kevin

    I must say, when I read that a "graphic" photo of Aries had been posted, I was expecting to see a weirdly twisted leg or arm, perhaps with a bone actually protruding from the skin. It looks like he got some mat burns and that's it. Really nothing graphic about that pic at all.