Gregory Shane Helms Undergoes More Surgery Today

Gregory Shane Helms underwent more surgery today. He has noted on Twitter that it was successful. Below are some Tweets from his official Twitter account:

  • eurosario

    Did he get bigger or it’s just me

  • Patrick V

    He got bigger

  • BollyMexCPhT

    Hope he gets better.

  • Adam

    Bring back the hurricane! Wishing all the best…

  • kbunyon

    Since his motorcycle accident he's not been able to work out much, so I'm sure it's hard to keep weight off. When you're used to eating a certain way it's hard adjust to a major change. It must be hard for him.


  • BigMike

    the Hurricane pwersona was funny but I liked him in WCW after he became a solo wrestler and was the Cruiserweight champion when he was "Sugar" Shane Helms and he used the "Sugar smack" Superkick and the vertabreaker among others but the Hurricane was ok just not the boy band wannabe crap with a very gay looking Shannon Moore and whatever that other douchebag was