Gruesome Photo Of Kid Kash's Broken Nose; TNA Announces March Live Event In Pittsburgh Area

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- Remember the broken nose Kid Kash suffered at the January 21st TNA live event in Plymouth, Massachusetts? A gruesome photo has surfaced of the injury. You can view it below:

- TNA Impact Wrestling has announced a March 24th live event from the Kovalchick Convention & Athletic Complex in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

  • Robbie

    Cor Blimey!

  • Dave Barton

    Gruesome? This was standard fare before “sports entertainment” replaced pro wrestling. Wrestling mags from the 70s & early 80s showed this stuff all the time.

  • Ralphus

    Agreeing with Dave! Proof that the world has gone soft!

  • Mike

    Agreeing with Dave and Ralphus 1000%
    My dad has loads of those old mags in his attic, where this sort of things was on every page. Buzz Sawyer, for example, or those old photos of Ric Flair completely busted open, or I think Dusty Rhodes vs Purple Haze or something like that, and Nikita Koloff, Crusher Kruschev, and Boris Zukhov all covered in blood from head to navel dripping everywhere and carrying bloody chains…
    Early eighties if I remember, before Hulkamania properly kicked in. There was none of this poncey banned moves and PG crap. No sports entertainers… this was pro wrestling at its best and bloodiest, exactly as it should be. If the Attitude Era was the Golden Age, then this was the Silver Age, made less only by a lack of production values and mainstream promotion.
    If I still spoke to my dad I might go dig them out and reminisce…

    • Tex

      You forgot Abdullah The Butcher, The Sheep Herders, plus many many more.