Gunshot Victim To Meet CM Punk At Raw Show On Sunday

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With WWE running a Raw live event in Syracuse, New York on Sunday, the story of Thomas Dotterer has resurfaced. For those that don't remember, Dotterer, 77, was shot in the face when the Syracuse liquor store he was working at was robbed.  He told the media he was more upset that his favorite wrestler CM Punk lost the WWE title at Royal Rumble than he was getting shot in the face.

WSYR 9 out of New York is reporting that Dotterer will attend Sunday's show courtesy of WWE and will get to meet CM Punk.

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  • Suhc a nice story to hear in light of what happened. Nice to see WWE stick true to their word and no doubt this guy meeting Punk will make his day! I hope to see pictures

  • Dangerous Lee

    They should have Tom do a run-in at the event causing Punk to win.

  • sir-rusty82

    Wow almost worth getting shot to meet Cm Punk

  • Guest

    Good for him!

  • thebops

    Awesome. 🙂

  • Shows Class that Punk would take time to meet a fan..sadly it was under bad circumstances. (meaning guy had to be shot to meet him)