Hacker Continues Attacks On WWE And Other Women Wrestlers

We are aware that the same hacker that has targeted other women's stars has targeted Summer Rae, Allie from Impact Wrestling, Maria, and others as well. Unfortunately, this hack looks like it will be very widespread in the wrestling community, as it now has past and present stars as well. Due to the way things are happening, we here at WNW will be forced to cover this going forward. So as more develops, we will keep you informed. We are currently working on something major for WNW Premium users regarding this very subject.


    You’re not forced to do anything

    • Vomkrieg

      No, forced is the wrong word, but as a wrestling news site they can hardly pretend it isn’t happening. I find the whole thing sordid and sad, but if they want to keep peoples eyes here as the “go to wrestling news source” then they have to report the terrible stuff on occasion as well.

    • Agreed. It’s up to you whether you choose to cover it or not. It’s not mandatory. I’m not really that interested myself so I hope to see as little coverage as possible. I’m sure others are more interested in the tabloid-y things but I’m not among them.

  • Dave Barton

    “past and present stars”

    Oh, please don’t let anyone hack Moolah, Mae Young, or Gene Okerlund!!

    • Elizabeth Sherwood

      If Moolah, MAE, or Gene had that kind of technological prowess, I’d be very, very scared.

      • “Kids, don’t forget to get your parents permission!”