Hall Of Famers At Smackdown, 10 Greatest Wrestlers To Never Wrestle In WWE

WWE Hall of Famers at Smackdown

WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund was at this week's Smackdown taping in Long Island. Backlund was at WWE live events last weekend and Raw on Monday. We've already noted that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was at Smackdown with his family. Click here for a photo of Foley's kids.

10 Greatest Wrestlers to Never Wrestle in WWE

WWE has a new article here on dot com listing the "10 Greatest Wrestlers to Never Wrestle in WWE." The list is topped by Sting, here it is in its entirety:

#1 Sting
#2 Abdullah the Butcher
#3 The Great Muta
#4 New Jack
#5 Vampiro
#6 Nikita Koloff
#7 The Sinister Minister
#8 The Midnight Express
#9 Akira Hokuto
#10 Magnum TA

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Really? New Jack? Lol I’ll give the dude he’s dues, he’s damn hardcore but as far as being on te same list as Sting as a great wrestler it’s just a sin. Abdullah is also another example. Not that great of a wrestler.

    • RJR

      You don’t have to be a great wrestler to be in WWE. I’d cite examples, but I don’t have hours to waste.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        Did you read what they wrote? The top ten GREATEST WRESTLERS to never wrestle in WWE…Sting is a damn icon and to be in the same list as names like New Jack and The Butcher is insane!!! The Great Muda and the Midnight Express are great wrestlers and I feel bad for them too.

  • Dave Barton

    New Jack makes the top 10? Bwahahahahahah!!!! Never mind that the man uses no wrestling skills, he’s a danger to anyone who works with him & imho he has no place in a wrestling ring anywhere. People have said that alot of WWE talent is “wreckless” or “careless” but New Jack is intentional…that’s a huge difference.

  • cobra

    A direct quote from the aritcle “Many obvious choices were disqualified on technicalities. Bruiser Brody, Nick Bockwinkel and Lou Thesz all made an appearance of some kind in WWE. Even AJ Styles and Samoa Joe wrestled for Mr. McMahon in their early days.”
    Wow they actually gave a reason why AJ Styles or Samoa Joe weren’t on the list.

  • Charles

    This can’t be in any particular order. Just thinking of the things Vince could have done with Magnum TA back in the day. WOW!

  • Superfly

    How about Kevin and David Von Erich? Jimmy Garvin? Rock N Roll Express?

    • JHM

      DANG… What about Scott Steiner… I remember Rick Steiner…..Kevin Sullivan….Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer…I just loved see a Dog Fly!!!!

      • George Waldman

        The Steiners were both in WWE. As for seeing a Dog fly, how about seeing The Flying Goat, Daniel Bryan?

  • Tim

    I miss vampiro. How come he never joined wwe Richard?