Halloween Premium Special Nixed To Help Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Ordinarily on Halloween we add decorations to the website and promote a special treat for readers to signup for WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium at a discounted price.

However, due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, we aren’t celebrating today. Instead, we will be donating a percentage of all payments made for WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium subscriptions on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 to the American Red Cross to help assist in disaster relief efforts.

I also wanted to add that you can donate $10 to the Red Cross directly from your phone by texting Red Cross to 90999.  This will be added to your cell phone bill.  I did this earlier and can confirm mine went through.

Thank you for your support and please keep all of the victims in your thoughts and prayers.

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  • drew1997

    Thank you, devistating here on the South Shore of Long Island

  • Maxx Stylez

    Thank you Richard for donating to the Red Cross. If I had the ability to sign up today I would just for that. But alas I don’t get paid until Saturday. Still an extremely classy move!

  • Cmfunk12

    I live in the uk and I’m glad my money doesn’t just Beinfit Richard and his family thank you Richard


    Just give Europeans a chance to donate in € as well… just consider that, it could make a difference too.