Has The CM Punk Craze Worn Off?, Jim Ross Commentating Wrestlemania, Brodus Clay’s Return, Single Brand WWE PPVs

Do you believe that the CM Punk craze has worn off like the Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin craze in their respective sports?

This is an interesting perspective, as I've never thought about it like that before. CM Punk is not currently at the level he was this summer. Punk peaked at Money in the Bank in July and has leveled off to where he is now. He has clearly established himself as a main event talent and he's not going back to the mid-card like he did after previous title reigns. Punk was the Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin of the summer but it's "breakout moments" like this that demand the attention of the public. The key is getting the public's attention and being able to keep it for as long as possible. He made everyone take notice and advanced his career because of it. Being WWE Champion at Wrestlemania is a very desirable position but the show is being centered around two main events - John Cena vs. The Rock and The Undertaker vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee. WWE is giving these matches priority which is why you may notice a lack of hype for Punk vs. Chris Jericho.

Do you think that Jim Ross should indeed commentate at Wrestlemania XXVIII like he did last year?

If it were up to me, Jim Ross would still be the "voice of WWE" and would still be the play-by-play man of Raw Supershow alongside his long-time broadcast colleague Jerry Lawler. It wasn't JR's decision to leave broadcasting and it's Vince McMahon that has implemented the new direction. I think just about everyone would rather see Jim Ross than Michael Cole but unfortunately it's not our decision to make. So to answer your question, yes I think JR should work Wrestlemania.

I saw you reported that Brodus Clay was pulled from WWE television because of behavioral issues backstage. Do you see him getting a match at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

"Take two" on the push of Brodus Clay began last night on Raw Supershow. Clay was pulled from WWE television due to behavioral problems backstage. You can read my exclusive report about the heat here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. I haven't heard of any Wrestlemania XXVIII plans involving Clay but keep in mind he has yet to have a feud and is just squashing enhancement workers for recognition to get the gimmick over.

Should WWE bring back single brand pay-per-views? It would build up feuds and underutilized talent on each brand would get a bit of exposure.

From the moment WWE tried the single-branded pay-per-views for their B-level pay-per-views I knew they wouldn't work (remember the big four were still combined). The pay-per-view landscape has gotten even more competitive now with the growth of UFC and WWE is struggling with buys with the brands combined. If it didn't work before, why would it work now? There's just not enough talent to make people spend big money on only half the stars of the company. WWE's attempt to make the B-level pay-per-views more relevant was started a couple years ago when they started running the gimmick shows.

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  • Stan smith

    Seeing how Punk and Jericho had a big twitter beef in the summer I think WWE dropped the ball with their mania match their match will probably be better than both the Rock/Cena and HHH/Undertaker match

    • monty

      I think that cm.punk was brought back to quickly after his mitb ppv victory, wwe could have used the what if angle a little bit longer. Also remember LIN is still averaging 17 points and 8 assists per game so i would not call that cooling off, for a PG that's pretty good its melo that's killing the knicks with his ball hogging skills along with jr.smith and baron davis

      wwe should have less PPV per year 8 is a great number of PPV but each getting 5-6 weeks build up and bring back the big name PPV. Starcade should be a PPV held in december,unforgiven and why not the famous no.mercy?

      what we are forgetting is that king use to play the heel role on broadcasting now its cole and if you ask me we all hate him so he is doing his job well.

      Brodus Clay's current character isn't going any where he is a mid-card wrestler and will stay at that if this keeps up

      wwe blew it with kane come back only to make him look extremely weak against cena, how about some really bad heel wrestlers who break all the rules etc,

  • Btb

    Punks character just isnt as good anymore. He went from being a badass to just being yet another self centered guy trying to be funny and pandering to tge crowd. Go back and watch the shoot and compare that Punk to the current one

    • Alex P

      Well I think the character just doesn't play as well when he's a face. I mean I think he had a lot of momentum as a heel, and people started giving him cheers rather than boos. I think the character is still great, but also I think some of the momentum has worn off because he has been the champ for a while now.

      • Alex P

        I feel like it's easier to cheer for a face when they are pursuing a title rather than holding it.

    • GODSENT83

      Agree. But then again how effective would pipe bombs be if we got then every week though???

      • Bault16

        Punk is the best in the WORLD! Chicago Made!

    • Maze

      Thats what pro wrestling is about, pandering to the crowd

  • Bruce

    Im sorry i thought Brodus was yanked from Raw because ah lets see he dances-wants somebody to call his momma-the bell rings and he falls on his opponant for the 1 2 3 ! and thats supposed to impress the fans including myself!!! About time to give him some real compition and then he'll be needing to call his momma!!

  • Ellen

    Just a couple of comments, CM Punk has unbelievable talents…the WWE needs to use him properly…he's a money-maker for them. Jericho is old- his character is older than old – WWE writers need to write an interesting storyline for these characters, why does someone away from the business cause he's touring with his band deserve to hold the title? The alcoholism storyline is just as offensive as Cole and Jerry Lawler's loss of his mother. Scripted or not, personal is personal. Someone needs to remimd Cole that Jack Thwagger is still a looooooser, always will be, especiallly hooked up with Vicki Guerrero. And, lastly – I'm really glad Otunga, still not talented in anyway shape or form, is now looking at his arm muscle instead of looking for his man muscle.

  • Scottyo614

    IMO Jericho made the feud hot again last night. It's felt like kinda so so the last few weeks. Took it to another level last night.

  • John

    I disagree with the opinion that Jim Ross should call Wrestlemania or indeed RAW on a permanent basis. During the 'attitude era' JR was excellent in his role as the play-by-play guy, he did an amazing job of selling the importance of a match. However i was very disappointed in his commentary when he came back briefly last year. He is nowhere near as good as he used to be!

    He should absolutely be involved in some capacity within WWE, but his run as an announcer is over.

    • Steveo_sm

      JR best play by play man in the world FACT. You need to know your role John!

  • Terra Ryzing

    Good grief. You really can't impress the IWC can you? Before the summer and on people were b*tching and moaning for CM Punk to get pushed. Now not only is he getting pushed but he's the WWE champion and all of a sudden he's "stale" and "boring." Last time I checked he's putting on awesome matches every time he wrestles. You better believe he's gonna have on helluva rebuttle for Jericho next week. Quit complaining and enjoy the change because before you know it we'll be back to Cena and Orton holding the belts the you'll really be p*ssed.

    • wnwdotcom2

      No you can't please the IWC. Haha

      • i dont get why everybody hates HHH. like it or not he payed his dues and he was a damn good etrselwr and performer and argubly was one of the greatest heels ever from 1999-2005. i absolutely hated him when i was like 9 haha. but he has every right to take hold of wwe cuz hes a big reason where it is today and better him than some other idiot that knows nothing about the business

  • Evo


  • Brandon

    In my opinion, CM Punk craze worn off because of ridiculous booking by WWE's creative. All of the "Pipe Bomb" angle, to Kevin Nash interfering at SummerSlam, Awesome Truth's conspiracy angle, it all could be done with a bigger and better conclusion instead all of it is just leading to get Triple H over as his new role as the Executive Vice President. I'm not saying Punk is boring, but IMO he's just watered down since SummerSlam and also watered down the "Summer of Punk" angle. Just my 2 cents anyway.

  • Johnny Hayder

    I smell a pipe bomb next week from Punk to Jericho!

    And if Brodus Clay is gonna have a feud
    He should feud with Mark Henry! Would love to see those two big boys locking up!

  • the duff

    other than his voice jr is not a good caller even in the attitude era every move was a back body drop, suplex or spinebuster he'd make more mistakes than anyone at that time, instead of hearing his voice try listening to what he was saying, he sucked!!

  • steve2

    Why not make the premium stuff available in archives after a while? I know you’re here to make money, but the brodus story is pretty old news. Other times you reference stuff that is months old. Just a thought.

  • Latrell

    I’m just think that a lot of people have grown use to the CM Punk sarcasm. After awhile it just grows old and gets annoying. His sarcasm has especially gotten weak since The Rock and John Cena have been going back and forth.

  • Maze

    None of the commentators know what they are doing, the back and forth bantering is annoying and none of them know the names of any complex moves. When Punk or Stryker called matches at least they knew the names of the moves…thats annoying

    • Vince

      Its annoying the banter on the table its pisses me off we fans want to hear about the matches not the stupid beef they had last year which was shit they need to stop face and heel annoucers

  • durron

    Yea but with all the ppv’s moving to the network they may be able to switch the poverty format

    • durron

      I mean pay per view

  • H.M.

    I don't see how people can say Punk is now watered down. Remember in January when he was feuding with Laurinaitis? The content of his promos still parallels what he's been saying since the summer and he's been mostly consistent with his persona. I just wish he'd stick to his word and actually change the WWE title(kayfabe I know) but I guess the higher-ups scrapped that idea.

    • Vince

      Real cm punk fan wouldnt say hes watered down

  • Hamon

    Punk vs Jericho will bomb! Too much pressure to steal the show.
    Ps brodus clay will sqaush the miz at mania

  • This Is Stupid, All Cena is doing is being friendly to The Rock and all he is doing in uretrn to Cena is being a ass, I mean C’mon The Rock left us for YEARS And plus i think Cena is friendly and a good role model, I mean u shud always learn to forgive not always put a grudge against others , GO CENA!!!!! ,