Has The Hulk Hogan Era In TNA Wrestling Ended? (Minor Spoiler)

Has the Hulk Hogan era in TNA Wrestling ended? This is the question following this week's Impact Wrestling tapings in Little Rock, Arkansas as a segment was taped for next week's show that could be used to write him off television, possibly for good.

Hogan is believed to have fulfilled all of his obligations through his current TNA contract, which expires at the end of the month/beginning of October. We've been reporting that TNA has been trying to sign him to a contract extension but the two sides have been far apart because the company wants him to take a significant pay cut. Sources close to Hogan say he's been unreceptive to the idea of taking less money and is believed to have continued WWE aspirations. This is why Hogan in WWE 2K14 was seen as a big deal, despite Hogan trying to downplay it.

The only thing we can confirm as of this writing is that no deal has been reached for Hogan to continue working for TNA and his current contract is scheduled to lapse. Believe it or not, one source close to Hogan's camp told me specifically that Hogan still believes he could work a match against John Cena. Now whether or not that is even possible remains to be seen but given Hogan's history, that statement shouldn't surprise anyone.

TNA has been in the process of restructuring talent contracts and releasing talent that has been unwilling to re-sign at lower rates. The most recent names to depart after failed negotiations include Mickie James and Ken Anderson.

Hogan's stroke in TNA is possibly at its lowest since agreeing to come to the company in late 2009.  In addition to TNA considering pulling Impact off the road (something Hogan pushed for), nothing was more evident of Hogan's declining stock when Brooke Hogan was released.  Brooke's release in particular rubbed Hogan the wrong way because he wasn't consulted before it happened.  Not only was her release seen as financial in nature but she accumulated a tremendous amount of backstage heat for "ruining" the Bully Ray angle with her public engagement to Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa.

As for Eric Bischoff, he's believed to have a contract with TNA that runs through the end of the year. Some have speculated that if Hogan leaves, Bischoff will leave. Who will take their place? Many have noted that Jeff Jarrett has quietly been coming around a lot more lately as he's been working backstage at the last couple of tapings and could absorb some of the roles vacated by the possible departures of Hogan and Bischoff.

We'll continue to follow the story but until then you can read how it is handled on television at this link.

  • bgilman45

    What exactly is her plan? She just keeps cutting and cutting and cutting. I guess one option would be to try and hit up the independents like OVW for some low-priced talent but at this point she is about to have a company with six wrestlers.

    • I think her plan is to keep her parents from pulling the plug. The roster is getting thin but cutting Hogan and his 7-figure salary couldn’t be a bad thing.

      • David Jr.

        So what you are saying, is that Dixie’s parents are part of the 1% and not Dixie as she proclaimed on Impact.

  • Ricky

    Hogan has done nothing to benefit TNA in the long run except for getting rid of the only thing that made TNA different the 6 sided ring. He used TNA to get his idiot daughter a job and to get some of his close friends jobs. Sorry but my respect for Hogan is nil at this point. He’s a washed up shell of his former self, he even had that bleeding heart pile of crap “Finding Hogan” made to make people feel bad for him. I hope the WWE does not bring Hogan on they don’t need him.

  • Scott Davies

    Well maybe TNA will be able to get more money with Hogan gone. There is no way Hogan would not be the highest paid guy in TNA.

  • smark calloway

    ” when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside “

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    If this company wants to survive in 2014 they need to GET RID OF HOGAN RIGHT NOW! I get that they are trying to keep him around and trying to renegotiate his contract so he takes a pay cut, that’s smart, I mean they have nothing to lose. However if they were to sign him to same deal where thisi pile of old fossil is making $30Ks every time he steps his old ass out on TV, then guess what? Might as well pack your bags and for those guys that are young and talented like Magnus for example, start knocking on WWE’s door asap! And for those who don’t have a chance in hell, I suggest you build your brand up and make your living in the indies. As far as Hogan saying he could wrestle again, HA! I doubt it! It’s lot like he ever could anyway but I have a hard time believing he could hit the ropes or let alone perform his leg drop “of doom”.

    • Scott Davies

      Hogan may think he can have a match against Cena. But that don’t mean Vince does. I think Vince knows Hogan is not the draw he use to be. If it were the 80’s or 90’s. His name would have made people switch to TNA. Not so much in 2013.

  • stone

    I respect everything Hulk has done for the business, without him none of us would be wrestling fans. Bur he needs to go

  • LBP365

    Good now get Maria,(and her bf Mike), and the Brisco’s for a lot cheaper than those 3.

  • Luc

    Really TNA just had it’s first ratings bump in months and last weeks show was phenomenal. No pun intended. The product doesn’t need Hogan and I guess the learning experience is that it NEVER needed Hogan. Him being upset over his daughter being let go is just unprofessional. The company needs to keep touring, lose Hogan, and go full steam ahead because it’s on a roll and if they just give it a chance, back of house will realize they’ve made some mistakes and that they can easily learn from them.