Has Vince McMahon "Lost It"?, WWE Accommodating Talent, Rumored 2012 WWE Draft Date, The Cost In Offering Rehab To Former Stars

Do you think Vince McMahon has lost his magic touch?

We get this question from time-to-time with readers wanting to know if I think Vince McMahon has "lost it." Is Vince older and crazier? Yes, however, I still think he's the best pro wrestling promoter of all-time. McMahon is a risk-taker but he knows what he is doing. There was a lot of criticism about the plans for this year's Wrestlemania (such as announcing The Rock vs. John Cena one year in advance) but by all indications the company exceeded buy expectations over 1.1 million buys. McMahon's next big test is the WWE Network which many feel could be a disaster but we'll see what happens.

How does WWE accommodate their lower card workers in terms of hotels, transportation, weight lighting, etc?

WWE doesn't accommodate any of their workers domestically as it's up to them to get from show to show, pay for a hotel, find a gym, etc. Things are a little different when the company is overseas (as the roster travels together) but here in the States, it's up to the workers. The company will assist in booking transportation and hotels for their workers but they do not cover these expenses.

I'm going to the April 23rd Raw Supershow in which the start time was changed from 8:15 to 7:15. While it's not confirmed, is this the Raw that will host the 2012 draft?

WWE has not confirmed the date for the 2012 WWE Draft, however, April 23, 2012 is the rumored date. This is also the go-home for Extreme Rules which would make sense in that remaining Wrestlemania feuds will be blown off at the pay-per-view and the company can start fresh on April 30th. When/if a confirmation is made, we will pass the information along.

With WWE paying for the rehab of many former stars, you'd think the cost would add up. Do you have any idea, as to what WWE has spent on the rehab program since it began?

One would think the expense would add up but the only ballpark number I have heard for sure is what the company has spent on Scott Hall. Stephanie McMahon said in a piece that aired on ESPN last year the company has spent 6-figures on Hall which is the most they've spent on any former star.

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  • MonsterMike42

    Six figures on a guy who doesn't even seem to care. A shame really. I actually like Scott Hall.

  • monty

    i don't think vince is crazy i think he is kind of smart/lucky. What punk said about vince in his famous propmo was so true is that vince is rich but he should be a lot richer.

    i don't think wwe network is as much risk as many think because wwe has a huge library and many characters that can have great no wrestling shows, wwe network would mean end of tna in sense that they will never be able to compete with wwe

    my main concern is with daniel bryan's character i mean don't mess this up vince he could be a huge star in the making.

    richard do you think its smart to move bryan to RAW?

    • Flip It Sideways and Stick It up Jabronis Ass!!

      if d bryan is drafted to raw, he will ended up like ziggler lost in the main event. With the return of brock lesnar, where will bryan fit?

    • Bob

      @monty I think it would be very risky at the moment to move bryan to Raw as I feel he would be undershadowed by Punk and Cena.

    • Chris

      “i don’t think wwe network is as much risk as many think because wwe has a huge library and many characters that can have great no wrestling shows,”

      You like wrestling, so of course you think that. You ask people who love chess if a network channel of chess competitions would be a good idea, they would say yes.

      But “normal” people? It IS a risk.

  • Roy!!!

    Vince maybe older and crazier…But their is no doubt he is still the best now, then and going forward. Look at his company. Now look at the others. If he's losing it. They should have no problem gaining ground, riiiiight? He's the man. He's the reason we're fans. He is pro wrestling. Stop with the nonsense!

  • DoJo

    I see wwe network being a huge success IF they get the programming right…… Superstar lives, training sessions, HUGE back library (inc WCW & ECW) along with things like development territories getting air time could make for a very full schedule!!!!! As for 6 figures on Scott Hall……… DAMN!!!!! I think he was a good wrestler who sold well & was involved in one of the greatest matches of all time at mania 10 & I really don’t know how his life could have gotten so bad……… I mean no disrespect at all BUT his son Cody is getting into wrestling & his Dad is not the greatest advert for pro wrestling……… Hopefully Scott will get it together and be there to see his son through……….

  • Flip It Sideways and Stick It up Jabronis Ass!!

    wats the point of a draft with wwe having one gm and raw supershow? Maybe they should draft the mid and low card wrestlers of raw to smackdown because they will never appear on raw

    • AJG316

      Nice name where did u get it from 😉

  • Kevin

    Oh, Vince is crazy alright…..crazy like a fox! That man is a genius. If TNA could find someone with even HALF as much know-how as Vince to run their company, they might actually have a chance to compete against WWE. I'm just not sure someone like that exists.

  • Basima

    Many fans tend to think that as soon as an idea is pitched, it has to be accomplished right away. While the casual fan only cares about what he sees on his TV in a daily basis, Vince is in charge of a whole Empire! The TV shows are just one part of his products, maybe the main part of what he has to offer, but not the whole part. Vince McMahon has been on top for about 20 years and that is not thanks to luck! It is interesting that there is always someone to say that he can do a lot better, but yet he is the only big player in the game. He is on a league of his own and as long as there is no one to challenge him, he will move at his own pace! The man is now planning on starting his own Network, how big do you want him to go?

  • Joedog

    Vince is currently the best in the biz in the modern era. However I often wonder how successful he would be if great promoters such as Bill Watts, Fritz Von Erich, and Paul Bosch were available to the mediums (cable, internet, etc). These guys were masters of the game.

    • Roy!!!

      He ran those guys out of the business…What is their to wonder…He made his company a National and International phenomenon…Learn the history of Vince and the territorial days of wrestling…He is a pioneer…

      Vince is a genius and no one comes close to his Wrestling and marketing IQ…For all the criticism he's Number 1 and keeps all the competition non existent. Majority of the stories and questions on this site are related to the WWE. Says everything you need to know about Vince.

      People sit here and critique his decisions are just pessimist…Its easy to say what you'd do with the main event…But notice no one on here knows how to develop a character, how to book mid cards, or lower cards, how to market a show, how to do anything outside of critiquing who's at the top of the card. D. Bryan, Cena, Punk, Lesnar, The Rock are all you ever hear about. Majority of you who'd have no idea how to bring along a Wade Barrett or a Dolph Ziggler.

      There is much more Vince deals with than just what you deem important. No one on any of these blogs should say Vince has lost his touch. EVER..Its just out of respect!

  • BigMike

    I think the WWE network would be awesome as long as he doesnt go crazy with STUPID REALITY CRAP!!! there are alot of diehard fans that would tune in to see some old Georgia CHampionship wrestling or NWA or the old UWF from the mid 80's or the AWA from the late 70's and early 80's when they had major talent . Seeing Sting as a heel in UWF running with Eddie Gilbert HAcksaw Duggan as the UWF champ with Dr Death and DIbiase as top faces with the Freebirds as they were bouncing between UWF and WCCW and the great Rivalry with the Freebirds and the Von Erich family … Seeing a Young STeve Austin Feuding with his mentor the Late Gentleman Chris Adams when he was in Texas before he went to WCW VKM owns the archives on ALOT of this stuff

  • Matt

    Honestly, WWE should stop paying for Scott Hall's rehab. Or at least send me the money they pay for his rehab and I'll put it to good use!!!

  • DoJo

    @ Chris – I think the wwe network would be aimed at wrestling fans NOT everyone else!!!! If the programming was right – with history, classic matches it will attract new fans……. I am pretty sure potential fans would take notice of a channel dedicated to wrestling as opposed to a few hours programming a week…….. advertising, own product placement, even WWE movies could potentially be shown on the network!!!! advertising, own product placement even WWE movies could potentially be shown on the network!!!! Throw in a few ‘b’ level ppvs a year & it could do very good business……….

  • JFetch

    My guess on the rehab cost would be close to half a million overall.

  • DoJo

    Sorry for the weird double post – in the same comment lol

  • Rob

    Another travel question…… Really..? Really….? Really…..

  • Mylo

    I don't understand how Vince tries to cater to the "casual" fan on the one hand, yet expects his network to succeed if the dedicated fans are displeased. The casual fan isn't getting on board with this.

  • Tyler P.

    You guys are missing it. People aren't saying Vince has lost it as a business man, because he sure as hell hasn't, he is the greatest wrestling promoter of all time. However, what people are saying is that he has lost his mind creatively. Vince can sure as hell promote his business and do all the other business aspects required but he has completely lost it in regards of the quality of the show. I personally think, if possible, they should hire Paul Heyman as the head of the creative department and Vince should just run the company. I think Paul Heyman could really boost the quality of the program.