HBK Misses Being In The Ring, Kaitlyn At Arnold Sports Festival, What You Won't See On Smackdown

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- The Kansas City Star has a new article online featuring quotes from Shawn Michaels where he talks about his outdoor TV show.  Below is an excerpt:

“I miss being in the ring,” Michaels said. “But I enjoy my ‘new’ life, too.

“The way I look at it, I’m making up for lost time when it comes to my hunting. I didn’t get started until relatively late in my life. But I am making up for it.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn wrote the following on Twitter:

- Big Show cut a heel promo following this week's Smackdown taping. Alberto Del Rio came out and used a steel chair on him, ending the show.

  • Michael

    Sounds like one more match to me. Retirement there’s no such thing in the wrestling business.

    • Snap

      Well, there CAN be if the fans/media would respect the retirement instead of always bringing up the “one more match” thing. I’m not talking about your comment, of course, just the tired “one more match” chant ever since Hogan’s Hall of Fame induction.

      I doubt that the article printed the entire interview conducted with Michaels so we don’t know the context of his quote about missing being the ring, he may have been flat out asked if he missed it, so it shouldn’t be taken as an indication that he wants to get back into the ring again.

  • BobCobb

    Hbk vs Austin at wm 2014!!

  • If they do a HHH vs Lesnar again then I could see HBK getting some payback with Sweet Chin Music.

  • I’m a huge HBK fan, but I would have so much more respect for him if he kept his retirement solid. I know the fans want to see him in the ring again, but ultimately I want his integrity intact…unlike some others we could theoretically name.

  • I’m surprised they havn’t brought HBK back to perform. It would be nice to see him in ring again, but it would probably be a bad idea.

  • SoulFool

    Who’s the Babe between Shawn and Hunter ?!? SIZZLIN’