HBK Proves Kayfabe Is Alive & Well, Total Divas Preview, HIAC Reaction

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- Proving that kayfabe is alive and well, Shawn Michaels has taken to Twitter to explain to upset followers that he was playing a character at WWE Hell in a Cell. For those that missed it, Michaels turned on Daniel Bryan and allowed Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship.

- Total Divas is scheduled to return to E! on Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 10 PM/9CT. The episode is titled "Summer Slam," and a preview is included below:

As Eva Marie becomes increasingly popular, Nikki begins to feel threatened. Ariane works to control her temper. Nattie has fears regarding her return to the ring.

- I just finished recording my full thoughts to WWE Hell in a Cell as you can listen at this link.

  • Nathen

    In a previous post a reader comments on Richard’s growing ego citing the ‘edited by Richard Gary’ added to the website logo. Richard defended this as a branding decision. Well Richard, the height of egoism is charging people for your opinions. The fact that Richard Reacts is a premium feature screams ego.

    I like this website and have been a reader for several years now, but Richard cannot deny his ego has gotten very big in the last year. And it has been a major factor in my decreased visits to this site. It is a great website, I just wish there was a bit more humility.

    • Rick

      Agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve even noticed the odd advert popping up now too. This site used to be so good when George Patton ran it and there was the old, original forum. No time for Richard nor his ego anymore. On to other websites I’m afraid.

      • George Patton hasn’t ran WNW since February 2003. At the time the site delivered no original news and was known for its WOW galleries. Today we will surpass our all-time visitor record. I must be doing something right.

        • Nathen

          So you reply to Rick’s comment but ignore mine? Not that I want or need your attention, but in the same post I referenced above, not only did you defend your egoism as ‘branding’ but you told him you liked to interact and clarify things. You didn’t even attempt to clarify why ‘Richard Reacts’ is in the premium section, probably because you can’t honestly deny it being an ego driven decision.

          I don’t know about George Patton, but I have only visited this site when you ran it. And I always had the utmost respect for you and this website. But I will never support someone with my money if they are charging for an opinion.

          • Nico Kensing

            Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Nico Kensing

        Well take your behind somewhere then, we don’t need you.

    • Come on man, Richard Reacts has been a Premium feature for 2 years now. Just give it up. Go troll somewhere else. This is how I make my living, we charge very reasonable rates and deliver the best content online. If you’re going to continue to make unfounded false bottom-feeding accusations, at least come up with something more original.

      • Nathen

        And my reply was deleted? Seriously?

      • Nathen

        I want to apologize to Richard, I did not intend to disrupt WNW or anything like that. Following my email conversation with Richard I want to say that he showed nothing but courtesy and professionalism in our private conversations since my comment above.

        And since I pointed out a perceived flaws, it us only right to also praise positive attributes.

        Thank you Richard for keeping me in the WNW extended family, so to speak.

    • not a cheap ass

      How about you just stop being a cheap ass and pay for the premium. This site is his business, how many businesses do you know that give you everything for free??

  • Tammy Adams

    So I guess Richard is never allowed to make any money off of his personal/professional insights. Shame on you Richard, for giving fans(free for the most part) more insight than most wrestling sites.

    • Thanks Tammy. I don’t care to go head-to-head with these guys because they don’t know me. They’re just here to troll because they’re bottom-feeders. It’s pathetic.

      • Jeff

        Richard Gray is the man! Great writer and hard worker – I have much respect for Richard and how he conducts himself.

  • Luke Jobson

    Rightio, I’m 16 and from Australia. Now I used to float around and just read whatever news was around the IWC. I came across here 18 months and I haven’t gone to another site. Richard is a great writer, providing the IWC with insights that many websites won’t give. Am I a WNW premium member? No. But he still delivers great fan interaction on the normal sites and on his facebook wall.
    Heck, Richard kind of helped me improve my article writing (his structuring etc), helped me land my first job in sports journalism writing for http://www.undisputedsports.com. So before you lay claim to his ego, actually think about his reach of audience and what he has done for the IWC before you attack him.