HBK Storyline Progression On Raw, John Cena Scheduled For Smackdown, Jericho Update

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- While dot com implies that Shawn Michaels will be on this week's Monday Night Raw on page 6 of their preview, he isn't on the official list of advertised talent nor is he mentioned in the local promotional information. However, the promotional point for Raw is to  "tune in" to see if HBK decides to clear the air.

- World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is scheduled for Smackdown the next couple of weeks. Given the fact this week's show in taped Tuesday night in Tampa, I don't think anyone thought Cena would not appear. WWE is clearly hoping Cena helps solve their attendance problem.

- Chris Jericho is scheduled to appear on "Talking Dead" on AMC this Sunday at 10 PM/9 CT.

  • Avalanchian

    Just as I thought. Keep Cena on Smackdown to try and improve ratings a bit. Raw doesn’t need that help.

    • Justin Lal

      RAW doesn’t need ratings help? They clearly do. RAW needs more star power to fill their three hour broadcast. Cena MUST be on RAW as well.

  • Rt

    Well the world heavyweight championship was part of smackdown before they got rid of the brands. And the world title is usually featured on smackdown while then wwe title is featured on raw. So this could explain why Cena is on smackdown since he’s the new world heavyweight champion.