HBK's Role In Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, AW's Outrageous Behavior, Timing Of WWE Releases, Orton's Stock

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I have a bad feeling that Shawn Michaels might screw over Triple H at SummerSlam and then they'll probably wrestle each other either at the Royal Rumble or next year's Wrestlemania. What is your opinion on this theory?

Shawn Michaels has maintained he's retired from the ring and will not be wrestling again. Given how many wrestlers "retire" only to end up working again, I understand why we get so many questions about HBK's in-ring return. However, until Shawn says he wants to work again I'm taking him at his word. There were plans for Brock Lesnar to attack Shawn on Raw 1000 and it was talked about again last week so it will be interesting to see if things get physical on this week's Raw between Lesnar and Michaels.

What is your opinion of AW's release, was it justified or just WWE being paranoid?

The release of Abraham Washington didn't surprise me given the fact he wasn't an established star and made a joke that was in poor taste on live television. While the joke was in poor taste I was more offended at how dated it was more than anything else. It would have been a different story had AW been a big draw for the company but guys like him do not have a lot of leeway and one mistake, especially on live TV, usually seals their fate. What I found more outrageous was AW's behavior on Twitter following his release. He acted very immaturely and probably burned a lot of bridges. If AW ever wanted another shot at WWE he would have kept his mouth shut and continued to work hard.

Who makes the decision in WWE on when a talent is released?

WWE traditionally announces releases late Friday afternoon on dot com where there is as little of attention on them as possible. As for who makes the decision, it's Vince McMahon that has the final word on everything.

Randy Orton has had a couple good matches since returning. Has his stock risen with the company or is he still looked down upon for his recent attitude and infractions?

I heard so much from so many in WWE about how Randy Orton's stock has plummeted and things would never be the same after his second documented WWE Wellness Policy violation. However, he has returned in the top of the card and has been announced as the star in the second installment of the WWE Studios production "12 Rounds." Orton clearly still has some heat but any notion he's going to be buried and kicked out the door is unfounded.

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  • smark

    after to koby joke aw did a mother teresa joke thats why he got fired he siad like mother teresa titus has no sins or something like that it was the last raw he was on

    • J-Dub


      • Ricky Valdez


    • Chris

      He said he is like mother Theresa he can do no wrong. Then boom the wrong happened

  • Violet09

    I view HBK's involvement as a great way to transition to a WM matchup between Lesnar & the Undertaker if Lesnar takes out Taker's last few Wrestlemania opponents.

  • blackwwefan

    A.W. is another black victim of Vince and the WWE

    • n1ck

      that’s a racist remark

    • brad

      its got nothin to do with his race

    • British bulldog

      Well, erm…. LOL

    • Dave

      Don’t be so pathetic.

    • Longtime Fan

      Well you kinda have a point. How many black WWE champions have there been? And don't say Booker T, he was World champion. Okay, he was the "Champion of champions", remember who helped him do that, K-Fed. All the talented black superstars that have come through there and have gone absolutely nowhere.

      • Mohit

        what about the rock, jyd, rocky johnson. Do these names ring a bell

  • Logan_Walker

    A.W was a stupid name to begin with. Glad he got fired.

    • Logan_Walker

      Well Fake Account, What Name is AW… So Stupid, & on the Fired Part Well Im Glad he did get fired makes jokes in such bad taste and i admit i never got it, but obvious it rubbed people backstage the wrong way so im glad he got fired.

      • Funny how the fake account has better grammar than the real one…

        • Logan_Walker


  • Jashaun

    What i don’t understand is aw does one thing and gets released. But when other superstars fail there wellness tests they get three chances.

  • RobUK

    What does it say though when they fire the little guy but keep Randy for something much worse than a joke? I love WWE, always have since being a kid and usually I’m always the first to defend them. But other wrestlers have said things over the last few months just as bad and they haven’t been fired. I really am losing my faith a little.

    • Chris

      Because who is more recognizable randy Orton? Son of cowboy Bob Orton, or some rookie who no one has any idea who he is and why the hell he was given a live mic? Basically know your cards and play them right.

      • Jim Starr

        The live mic was the mistake from the beginning. Lol

        • myself

          They had a good idea… for the wrong person

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I can see where A.W. is coming from with mike Tyson.. But a lot of ppl forget Tyson is a rapist.. It was 20 years ago but still to have a rapist in the hof is bad..

    • bettysteve

      so, by your definition, anyone who has ever made an error of judgement in their lives, (no mater how bad), and when they have received their punishment and have served their time, you feel that the world needs to be constantly reminded of what they did and that they need to be vilified for the rest of their lives, and that what ever they do after their release in no way makes up for what they did. did l miss anything? (my opinion of mike tyson is up there with a dentist visit btw, but that's MY business, yeah?! )

    • Tony P.

      Get your facts straight D-Bag. Tyson is not a rapist. She got paid to lie on him and because of who he was then, he was convicted.

    • Tony P.

      Get your facts straight dude. Tyson is not a rapist. She got paid to lie on him and because of who he was then, he was convicted.

  • Tone

    What A.W. did was no big deal…. if Cena said it nothing would have happened…. PG era or not…. WWE is just garbage now..

  • Yanman

    WWE seems to be big on the double standards system right now. AW just isn’t a big enough star at this point especially with that strong internet buzz and following like Daniel Bryan’s situation. If he was on Bryan’s level they would probably rehire him because “the joke” as I like to call it has picked up a lot of publicity outside of WWE and unless it’s the reporting a wrestler’s death, free news coverage is always good for WWE. Keeps people buzzing and talking.

  • Yanman

    Did anyone catch the Raw replay on Universal HD last week? They completely edited out AW’s Kobe joke. I was waiting for it and they edited it so quickly and smooth, I had to lol. I was aww damn, WWE takes no chances with the lawsuits and politics these days, it’s a wrap.

  • Austin

    Good matches?? More like wrestling the same match over and over again.