Head WWE Creative Team Writer Leaving After Less Than Three Months

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David Kreizman is leaving the WWE creative team this week after only a three month stint as the company's head writer.

While we haven't heard details surrounding his departure, Kreizman boasts a strong resume where he co-wrote several well known soap operas including Guiding Light, General Hospital, As the World Turns and All My Children.  He took the WWE job weeks before Wrestlemania 29 on March 21, 2013.

  • The Ignored Monster

    Then who has been writing tv the last few weeks, especially this past week? Whomever it was is doing a great job finally.

    • Mike Farris

      Vince, Zeb Colter & Paul Heyman wrote Raw this week

      • Ryan GODling


        • That’s what we heard on an unconfirmed tip. I’ve since learned Heyman had a hand in the script. Haven’t confirmed Zeb.

          • DirtySouthYankee91

            Paul Heyman should write the storylines for WWE Raw,He’s a genius.

  • BIG M

    How many writers have quit WWE in the last 6 months 7 or 8 how many writers have been given the sack 5 or 6 since last year they are going through writers like jerry Lawler goes through wives.

  • RJH

    will there be any writers left, or wil this result to all on-the-fly bookings?

  • K!NG

    Hopefully the Man known as ZEB COULTER!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Farris

      Zeb Coulter was 1 of 3 men that wrote this week’s Raw with Paul Heyman & Vince McMahon

  • Patrick

    one rumor I heared was he quit because it was a Brutal demanding job.. IF true the way Vince changes his mind every 2 seconds I wouldn’t doubt its a hard job.

  • SawyerM

    Hire George RR Martin.

    • The Ignored Monster

      No we don’t want everyone to die lol

  • Smart Mark

    I think anyone whos been a fan of ECW knows what Paul Heyman is capable of creatively. His mind-set it basically designed to create attitude era moments but with the younger up coming superstars. So it makes complete sense that he starts to help out the creative team.

    • DirtySouthYankee91

      Absolutely agree. 🙂

  • penny kurzer

    lol yes it is entertainment and i get really upset the way they treat bryan on there and the others and i let stephanie know i’m mad lolol, but in truth i love the real stephanie and triple H while i really dislike the entertainment ones