Heat On Alberto Del Rio?, Cody Rhodes Off TV, Doink Mention, David Otunga

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With Alberto del Rio saying that he doesn't like most of the guys in the locker room, doesn't he run any risks to get in the doghouse by saying that?

I don't see Alberto Del Rio accumulating any backstage heat for being honest. The fact of the matter is not everyone gets along and there is a lot of jealously of Del Rio for his success. He's been booked at the top of the card since coming to WWE and is obviously making more money as a result. His best friend is Drew McIntyre, who was the best man in his wedding, and he is also good friends with Ricardo Rodriguez. These guys spend a lot of time together and there are a lot of strong personalities. Would it have shocked anyone if it were CM Punk making these comments? It's just how things work but it’s not really a big deal.

Besides getting married, is there another reason why Cody Rhodes is getting written off of television?

Cody Rhodes is indeed taking time off to get married as we noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com. I am not aware of it being anything more than that but I was very high up on Rhodes' work on Raw from his stuff in the ring to his departing backstage segment.

Do you think it was poor taste for Triple H to get heat by insulting Doink the Clown on this week's Raw?

Perhaps I have been around the business too long but I took Triple H's mention of Doink the Clown as a tribute to the late Matt Osborne. The Doink character was never intended to a champion but it was very effective.

David Otunga hasn't appeared on TV in months. Is he still with WWE?

David Otunga is still under WWE contract but that's all the information I have as of this writing.

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  • StraightEdgeForLife

    I think the whole Cody Rhodes thing was great. The first thing I thought and even said to my buddy was that it looks like Cody is about to get a HUGE push

    • Alain Alfred Corpuz

      I think eventually,he’s going to be the ONE who will help Bryan. Since everyone in the Locker Room are either SCARED or not allowed to help cuz they’ll be fired. Now that Cody is fired (kayfabe) he Can help DB.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        I bet you’re right! That would be a brilliant idea!

  • amaanakter

    Before pushing Cody they should have realised that his wedding was coming up maybe start once he’s returned

    • Dan

      NO! NO! NO! It was perfect timing! The whole “You’re fired” storyline is perfect. Dude gets fired before getting married, finds a way back into WWE with a vengence. I could maybe see him coming back for Royal Rumble and maybe facing Randy Orton possibly? But it really depends how long Daniel Bryan is in contention.

      • amaanakter

        Yeah i see your point

  • Xavier

    Cody Rhodes was clearly the MVP of RAW last night. Great match with Orton and great shoot promo afterwards as he was leaving the building. I think it’s safe to say that fans are now 100% behind face Cody Rhodes. It took Cody a little while to put it all together but it looks like he’s finally arrived. Kudos to Orton as well, he’s put on great matches in back to back weeks. There’s no doubt that Orton was born to be a heel. Nobody has been a better heel then Orton since 2007 he’s clearly the best heel in the company when WWE pushes him as such.

    • Dan

      Agreed with all. Great post

      • Xavier

        You’re Welcome!!

    • H.M.

      There are times where I just roll my eyes at your posts but you are on the mark here. To say that Orton is a superior heel than face is an understatement. The guy has gotten so much more enjoyable since the turn and boy do I love to hate him.

      • TheBigKing1

        Idk, I like Orton as a face and heel. But I know he’s more comfortable in the heel role, so I guess it suits him somewhat.

    • Vaneyscopaz

      Cmonn best heel? Do we know of the exsistance of Heel Jericho??? He’s the best!

    • Justin

      Clearly the best heel? I strongly disagree. I think that Mark Henry was a better heel.

      • Xavier

        Not even close bro. Henry was injured for most of 2007, then was sent to ECW in 2008. (If Henry was the best heel in WWE there’s no way in hell Vince would of sent him to the C show) then in 2009 he was a face tagging with MVP. 2010 was a pretty quite year for Henry as well. It really wasn’t until the second half of 2011 that Henry really established himself has a dominate monster heel, but he got hurt again in early 2012 and missed half that year as well. I love Mark Henry but Randy Orton from 2007 on has been so much more consistent and has headlined 10x as many PPVs then Henry has.

        • Justin

          Just because he has been injured a fair amount doesn’t mean that when he isn’t injured, he isn’t a fantastic heel. Also, just because Orton headlined a lot of ppvs, doesn’t make him a better heel than Mark Henry. I think that Henry’s race plays somewhat of a role, which is unfortunate. I find Orton to be really boring. I don’t care to boo him. Also, as vaney pointed out, Jericho is a much better heel than Orton too. Jericho’s wrestling and mic work is far superior to Orton’s.

        • Justin

          I disagree with you. Orton bores me.

  • Jay Coombes

    Cody is coming back as the Midnight Rider under a mask.


    I also saw the mentioning of doink as a nod. all that was said it’s he was huge but was never meant to be world champ, and it’s true.

  • CJ Blaze

    I was thinking Rhodes would end up capturing the WHC only for Sandow to cash-in MITB, but now I think Rhodes will return to feud with Sandow after he’s cashed-in.

  • BigMike

    IMO the only reason Otunga is still with WWE is the WWE trying in vain for him to get his wife to appear on WWE TV in some capacity; other than that IDK why he would be around; his in ring work SUCKS his mic skills are basic at best but he has the personality of a wet fish in alaska in January

  • Justin

    I like the Doink reference by HHH.