Heat On Shaq?, How Daniel Bryan Gained WWE’s Confidence, More Be a STAR Hypocrisy, Vladimir Kozlov

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Has Shaq blown his chance of appearing at Wrestlemania by talking about it over this past weekend? A little like Brodus Clay did when he spoiled his debut vs. John Morrison?

WWE officials weren't happy when Shaquille O'Neal first announced he was negotiating for a possible match against Big Show at Wrestlemania, however, I have a hard time believing they would walk away from Shaq based on him talking. WWE likes O'Neal and the mainstream media attention he brings to the product. I don't know what caused the announcement from dot com but hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

Daniel Bryan has gotten over through in-ring skills alone. What do you think made him stand out the most compared to the rest of the roster that's lacking in look/mic skills?

I disagree Daniel Bryan has gotten over on in-ring skills alone. Bryan's in-ring skills clearly caused WWE to pay attention to him but Daniel Bryan has gained the confidence of management by how well he has embraced his heel turn. I'll be the first to admit I didn't think Bryan's title reign would last at all when he won at WWE TLC but the company tested out a heel turn and he's taken full advantage of the opportunity. I couldn't be happier to see Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion going into Wrestlemania and I hope his success continues.

How does WWE's highest profile performer [John Cena] calling Eve Torres a "hoeski" and a "skank-a-potamus" fit into the WWE's anti-bullying campaign? I understand it’s an angle, but isn’t Eve the #1 face Diva in the company who has been working with Mick Foley about domestic abuse vs women issues?

WWE's anti-bullying campaign is filled with hypocrisy and the latest storyline with Eve highlights it as good as any. On one hand they are running PSA's to raise awareness about bullying while on the other hand they are degrading women with the aforementioned terms. The company defense line is "this is just for the show" but I agree it doesn't make sense. After all, how is calling someone a "hoeski" and "skank-a-potamus" showing tolerance and respect?

How about a "where are they now?" - Vladimir Kozlov

Since his WWE release last year, Vladimir Kozlov has been working as Alexander Kozlov in Japan and as the Moscow Mauler in Mexico. There is a website providing updates on Kozlov as well as selling new merchandise located at MoscowMauler.com.

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  • Bault16

    The actors in the Be A Star commercials sometimes are bullies in movies too. Their actors, just like the Superstars are. Its a big stretch to call them hypocrites.

  • AceV

    I am sick and tired of people bitching about this anti-bullying campaign. There’s nothing wrong with calling people a name every now and then. It’s a SHOW!!! I would see if he meant it or was calling her that backstage, but it makes sense to the storyline. It’s not like he did it just to mean. Gosh, people bitch and gripe about every little prospect. But here’s the reality about bullying: you can suppress it but you cant stop it. They need to teach people to just have tougher skin. This anti-bullying stuff is only making people weaker. You can have these campaigns of anti-bullying but teach people how to brush it off and move on.

    John cena is bullied by the wwe universe and fans in general constantly. But he don’t cry about it he just brush it off and move on. That should be the real theme on bullying.

  • Simze

    U just can’t have wrestling without bullying it’s just bad tv u would never have an under dog and I can’t think of any angle u could do with even just a little bully from the heel

    • XKonn247

      You’ve totally missed the point. WWE should have never got involved in the BE* campaign. It was always going to portray hypocrisy. Wrestling includes hurtful remarks, violence, sexism in some cases and these are all bullying tactics. You shouldn’t then say to people “it’s fine that we do it, but don’t you dare”

      • Chris_Storm

        No, you sir have missed the point. While we like to believe that wrestlers are the same on tv as they are in person, they are actors essentially. If Brad Pitt plays a bully in a movie, should he not then speak out against bullies in real life?

        • Dunstan

          While you make a good point, I somewhat disagree. As many wrestlers will attest to, they are not treated the same. It is very rare for a fan of Brad Pitt to call him "Tyler" or any other of his roles, however, how many people are calling CM Punk Phil Brooks when they see him? A wrestler's character is more closely linked to their identity than an actor's and therefore fans are less likely to separate the performer from the character they portray. So in this sense, it's hard to separate John Cena that trash talking bully from John Cena the public awareness advocate without it seeming somewhat hypocritical.

  • Frenchfry

    Are you all saying they should stop the campaign? Because its not doing anything bad, it still sends a good message out

    Are you all saying they should completely stop bullying within wrestling? Well they cant do that, storylines always include bullying and without it no one would watch

    • wnwdotcom2

      I'm just saying the campaign is hypocritical. Yes… I realize it's an angle and no… those words don't offend me. All I'm saying is the company is trying to promote tolerance and respect but at the same time are highlighting intolerance and disrespect. I honestly do not care one way or the other but it's worth noting nonetheless.

      • Bryan

        I really dont think the Make A Wish kids arent going to not want to meet Cena now because of something he said to Eve. We all know Cena is a stand up guy in reality, and shows a lot of respect and gratitude to his fans and the kids. Like someone above me said, hes an actor. Its just the same thing as a Hollywood actor playing a "bad guy" in a movie. It doesnt make them bad people in reality. They are paid to play a character and that should have no reflection whatsoever on their real life personality.

      • AceV

        @richard: how about anti-drug campaigns or commercials. They always portray someone doing drugs and one person walking away? Are anti-drugs commercials hypocritical too?

        • wnwdotcom2

          If Rob Van Dam, Evan Bourne & Snoop Dogg filmed an anti-weed commercial it would be hypocritical. I mean no disrespect to you but I have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Eloy

            Bottom line: WWE can and should produce angles without bullying. Once they started the Be A Star program, it put them in a disadvantage.

          • dex

            i believe he's saying, in essence, that the two should not necessarily go hand in hand. Meaning when an anti-drug commercial shows a person doing drugs, you see a person doing exactly what another person should not be doing. WWE may have some "bullying" programming, but they're also exposing a great organization to a massive number of people. WWE is doing more good than harm by having a campaign to raise awareness for the Be A Star organization. What would be hypocritical is if they said they didn't show any. You're right that it would be hypocritical for those guys to shoot an anti-weed commercial since they're still smoking.

          • AceV

            Like in the “above the influence” commercials, it’s basically a skit showing some people doing drugs. They offer someone a chance to do the drugs too but the person declines and walk away. That’s what I’m referring to.

          • Bault16

            Those three don’t portray potheads, they are potheads. The superstars are portraying bullies.

      • The only way to justify “bullying” in it’s product would be to admit that performers are playing characters in a scripted storyline, in essence admit that wrestling is “fake.” Once you dig yourself a hole, it is hard to climb out.

        • Chris_Storm

          Richard I see your point, I really do. But Rob Van Dam, Evan Bourne, and Snoop Dogg are actual pot smokers, this is a known fact. There is no evidence at all that John Cena is a literal bully in real life. They aren't "acting" like potheads, that is just who they are. Great Ask WNW either way.

  • Phillie Kush

    I acually like Cena a little better after that promo. In my opinion that wasn’t bullying. She played Ryder, broke his heart… And then she tried to practically rape Cena. She is clearly a skank, so I think that was all appropriate.. Bullying would be if she didn’t do anything and Cena still insulted her… And yes I know it’s a story line.

  • Jim P

    I see what people are saying about hypocrisy, but I just don't agree. In essence, every heel in wrestling, every heel that has ever been and every heel that will ever be, is a bully. The character of a heel, is exactly that. The Be A Star campaign is a company initiative that is separate from its core product, just as protecting the arctic has nothing to do with what CocaCola produces, but it has become a pet-project of theirs. In fairness, I think WWE illustrates this, as I've seen heels do spots for the Be A Star campaign out of character. Personally, I think some people are just down on WWE and/or Vince and will automatically cry, "Foul!" on whatever they do.

  • The Dave

    every body knows wrestling is sports entertainment. It has never been pure competion but acting with a script. When movie actors do an offending scene, every viewer will say is jst a movie but wrestlers are treated like its real life. Example wen natalya farts is disgusting but whn eddie murphy farts is funny. I dnt get it.

  • mchale138

    I don’t think the be a star campaign against bullying is hypocritical at all. Is it hypocritical for them to say don’t try this at home at the start of the show? No because we know its entertainment. So I don’t see how them saying dont bully is any different.

  • Brody

    I guess people don’t remember that Eve admitted to using Ryder and that she planned to do the same to Cena. Was Cena supposed to show tolerance towards Eve after what she just revealed?

    • Alex

      Yeah that's what I wondered. Technically, Eve is now the number one heel diva in the company. How is that bullying in anyway?

  • PikaPal4ever

    I assume WWE knows that the majority of people (even kids) know it's scripted and they would say, this is just entertainment, so enjoy what you see on here, but don't imitate it in real life. That's probably the message they
    want to send to everyone. They just assume you know it and can't say it otherwise they would give away to the
    people (mostly kids) who don't know it's fake, and that's bad business.

    • cristina

      And I don't exaggerate when I say that for some seperating the fact from the fiction is much harder than you think. And it's not just the kids either…I remember last year I went to a Scott Steiner and ODB autograph session, and was casually talking to other fans in line. This GROWN woman was going on and on about Undertaker's "vegetative state" as though it was real. My first inkling was to slap her upside the back of the head Leroy Jethro Gibbs style(see NCIS for reference), but any good Italian girl like myself knows you don't screw with the crazy person.. Um….wth do you say to that folks?I understand KIDS taking this stuff for real because hey…we warp their tender minds with ideas of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Great Pumpkin. But when grown ADULTS don't know what's going on I get a little perplexed.

  • Mav

    It’s entertainment….enough said smh.

  • Ricky Valdez

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  • Bruno

    Do you guys know what bullying means??

  • Soulitice

    I treat their Be A Star compaign just as i treat their Don't try this at home disclaimer. Just because you see it on T.V. doesn't mean you should imitate.

  • Paulio_j

    If your stupid enough to believe everything you see on tv your an idiot. Even a semi intelligent person knows whats right and wrong. The world is full of jumped up sanctimonious morons a lot of whom comment on these pages with there pig ignorant comments, take it for what it is, its a tv show with ‘violence’ but they are trying to say in the real world violence, name calling, bullying in general should not be accepted!