Heat On The Miz?, Lord Tensai In WWE, Mid-Card Pushes & Why They Are Rare This Time Of The Year, Locker Room Leaders

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Does The Miz have some major backstage heat right now? He talked about having such a major drop off from headlining Wrestlemania XXVII last year to not even being on the card this year. What happened?

The last time The Miz had backstage heat was in February when he failed to catch R-Truth on a spot out of the ring on Raw Supershow. Triple H met with him directly over it and that resulted in some pretty nasty allegations I covered in detail at this link. As for him not having a match at Wrestlemania, I feel like he'll end up appearing, it just depends on what the writing team decides to do with him. The most-talked about scenario I have heard is to have him be involved in The Rock vs. John Cena. While this could provide a huge opportunity for The Miz, they have to be careful not to ruin the match with something that falls flat.

With Matthew Bloom, formerly A-Train, rumored to be the "muscle" for John Laurinaitis, is this an indication that Team Johnny will beat Team Teddy at Wrestlemania?

To make sure everyone is caught up, there was talk about joining Matt Bloom to Laurinaitis to provide him with some on-screen muscle, I mentioned this in a Backstage News article on Tuesday. However, that piece of information was originally relayed to me before the cryptic Lord Tensai vignette aired on Monday's Raw Supershow. Given the new Japanese-like gimmick, plans to pair Bloom with Laurinaitis could have changed. With all of this being said I haven't heard the outcome of the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania and do not know which direction WWE wants to take with the "control of the brands."

Can you see WWE giving a push big enough for Alex Riley or Justin Gabriel to obtain the United States or Intercontinental Championship? What is your opinion on it?

Those are reasonable expectations, however, neither are currently receiving a push. It's a bad time of year for mid-card talent as WWE is pulling out all the stops to promote Wrestlemania XXVIII. The focus this time of year is on the upper mid-card and main event guys. WWE will begin new pushes after Wrestlemania next month but there is also a possibility they wil have to survive a round of cuts that usually come after the show (not saying that Riley or Gabriel are in jeopardy of being cut, but it's usually a time where people get paranoid).

From what I understand The Undertaker has been known as the leader or "locker room general" in WWE. When he finally retires, who will be the next "guy in charge"?

The Undertaker hasn't been around the past year and it's up to other veterans to be the locker room leaders. The established main event level veterans like John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk and Chris Jericho are guys that are well-respected and carry weight in the locker room. Other long-timers, like Mark Henry, carry a high level of respect from their peers.

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  • Frenchfry

    I heard a rumor that Viscera was returning to be on Teddys team, can anyone confirm this?

  • Wes Branscum

    I think Gabriel takes ic from Cody somehow and Cody starts to make whc run mid year

  • Wes Branscum

    I think Gabriel takes ic from Cody somehow and Cody starts to make whc run mid year. I have no idea who could be next for us gold, and I think by summer you’ll see reks and hawkins with tag gold

    • Matt Scott

      You were going so well…

  • Zahid

    They can resurface The Miz at WM28 by having him either turn face by joining Teddy's time and ultimately winning thus being a face straight away, then interfere in the main event and screw The Rock, thus being a heel once again. He could argue the fact that he didn't need The Rock's help during last years WM. Or he could do the complete opposite winning for Johnny and screwing Cena.

    • mayo love

      I like ur Fing Idea bro. Spread thay mayo yo spread it on my scalp

      • Matt Scott

        Is that supposed to be funny?

        • Guy Landau

          Wow, your first guess is much less disturbing than mine. I thought it was supposed to be sexual.

    • craig

      The thing with Miz is if he interferes in the main event they have to push him too the moon with clean wins and everything and not just a two month push.

  • durron

    I just thought what if Teddy’s team loses what he’ll do next maybe become a manager again?

  • DC

    I know they are suppose to be showing wrestlmania in theaters, but I never see any listings

  • Andrew

    There is absolutely no way that the Miz won’t be a massive part of mania. His current losing streak has been building to mania. It’s obvious to me that he won’t be given a mania match and he will then interfere in the rock Cena match. The Miz is main event

  • Ellen

    So Otunga's not enough "muscle" for Laurinitis? Well color me surprised. Miz should have gotten backstage heat for that miss with R Truth…they both could have been seriously injured.