Heat On Top WWE Star After Injuring Opponent On This Week's Raw - Who Got Hurt & How Bad Is It?

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I'm told Kofi Kingston was examined by medical staff backstage at this week's WWE Raw after Alberto Del Rio botched the spot towards the end of their match. Kofi will have his shoulder further evaluated on Tuesday morning.

When Del Rio got to the back, Vince McMahon looked at him and shook his head. One observer noted, "sell that ADR stock now."

  • _JIM_

    You would think that Del Rio would be more careful. Things happen, but Kofi seems to be getting some kind of single's push at the moment. While Del Rio just finished his.

    • XKonn247

      And you’d expect him to be more careful? More professional, yes. Careful? This is a dog eat dog game. The fact Del Rio is out if the main event will hurt Del Rio.

  • Austin 3:16

    I hope McMahon get's the hint. ADR is not a main eventer, I've been too shows and the fans hardly react too the guy. I'm not saying ADR is horrible b/c he is a decent wrestler but he's not very good either. He should be in the midcard and nothing more.

  • Stephen

    I saw it when it happened and I was sitting there waiting for the ref to throw up the X symbol. It was a nasty botch and I hope ADR goes soon. Doesnt have what it takes to be in the WWE and he's not connecting with the crowd.

  • dave

    Hmmmm.. I expected Ryback

  • AntGilroy

    I wanna know more about the tensai RYBACK match.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I never was a fan of ADR and he was begining to sound like Christian did with his "one more match" routine.

  • SDD619

    Remember what Del Rio did with Sin Cara's mask last week. It seems like Del Rio is not getting his way so he is being very unprofessional about it.

  • MonsterMike42

    I missed the match and when I tried to watch it on the DVR I found out it recorded something entirely different. What happened to Kofi Kingston? What did Del Rio screw up this time?

  • havoc525

    Maybe he wants to get fired and thinks he can go to TNA and be a “star.”

  • Stoney

    Alberto Del Rio is the mexican equivalent of Jeff Jarrett

    • jonmgill2493

      Actually, that’s a fairly good comparison in my book.

    • havoc525

      I’ll agree with that. He’s a career mid card guy, with family connections that helped him get ahead. Pretty accurate. He’s also boring as all hell.

  • LeftyTosser

    Why ADR ever got a push is beyond me. His ring work is rough unless he is getting his way. His storyline has played out and VKM needs to send him packing before someone really gets hurt because of his lack of focus.