Heath Slater Discusses The Debut Of The Nexus, Contradicts Himself

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The Connecticut Weekender has a new Q&A online with Heath Slater. Below is an excerpt which features Slater legitimately answering a question, contradicting himself then flipping to complete work mode. Judge for yourself:

Take us through the infamous night of June 7, 2010, the Nexus invasion.

It was amazing man, it was great.

Was there anything that was off limits?

They told us nothing. They told us to go out there make sure it looks like a bomb went off. So we did. You have big guys, who basically have been given the worst food possible, locked into a broom closet, changing, we had no room and treated like crap. Sometimes, you know guys, if you don’t lock the cage, basically, if the dogs get out of the cage, the dogs are going to bite. That’s exactly what we did. We all came together and we were tired of it, we shouldn’t be treated like that. We destroyed the WWE ring and John Cena and CM Punk and anyone else who got in our way.

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  • Im still looking for the part where he contradicts himself.

    • Richard Gray

      They told us nothing. They told us to go out there make sure it looks like a bomb went off.

      • That’s pretty funny. It slipped right passed me.

      • The Breaker

        I think the part he said, "They told us nothing" was more of a response to his question about which things were off-limits.

        But obviously they weren't given free-reign to do whatever they wanted; we all know what happened to Daniel Bryan.

      • Jack

        I just assumed he meant they told them nothing specific to do.

    • Jon

      If they told them to “make it look like a bomb went off”, then nothing was off limits… Not a contradiction. You’re reading it out of context. “They told us nothing” (was off limits)

  • Nick B

    He probably ment they told them nothing was off limits?

  • marcus

    He’s not contradicting himself is he? I thought he meant they told them nothing was off limits and make it look like a bomb went off.

  • Nostaljack

    "They told us nothing"…as in, they gave us no limits. There's no contradiction there. He mis-spoke.

    • barryanoland

      Yeah, I think if he had finished his thought, it might have been "They told us nothing specific."

  • Morgan

    I think by that he meant “They told us nothing was off-limits.”

  • _JIM_

    Also he said "It was amazing, it was great", but then he said that "we had no room, we were treated like crap", and "we all came together and we were tired of it, we shouldn’t be treated like that." None of these contradictions surpise me when it comes to Slater. The guy doesn't seem to bright, and I totally hate that awful 3MB gimmick. In my mind it totally sucks that they brought Drew McIntyre down to Slater and Jinder Mahal's level. McIntyre has so much more to offer IMO. Poor guy went from being Vince McMahon's chosen one to being grouped with some air-guitar playing idiot like Slater. McIntyre must've really ticked off the wrong person because he really has no business being grouped with those other two. IMO he's really being used wrong, and should be back as his old persona…

  • Evon Reese

    I really like Slater. I don't care if he's alone or with the 3MB as long as he's getting pushed. He really loves what he's doing and has taken a lot of abuse and crappy story lines to get where he's at. He has the ability to turn a situation around and make it work for him as in working with Cindy Lauper. Maybe I spelled her name right, I really don't care if I did or didn't . Slater has the ability to work with anyone. He can put on a serious match or comedy. I don't usually like any of the Heels but Slater is different. I hope he climbs on up on the ladder. The man has paid his dues.

  • McIntryre is on TV and getting wins. That’s all that matters.